10 popular Indian food dishes that you must try


Indian food has a special place in every individual’s heart. It has such a diverse culture that eating all the dishes seems to be almost impossible. The different variety of cuisines and a wide variety of flavors are popular all over the world.

As much as we would like to eat all the Indian food dishes, in reality, it is not possible. So we thought of creating an article on the 10 most popular Indian food dishes that taste delicious and divine.

Hence, this list is for all you foodies out there who are clueless as to which dish should we exactly try out. The food recipes that we are going to mention are available in almost all the restaurants. Therefore, let us dive into the world of food and create the best list ever.

Butter chicken

The first one on the list is the popular butter chicken which is a dish of North India, but widely famous in different countries.

Butter chicken came into existence in Delhi during the 1950s by a restaurant in the city known as Moti Mahal. The chef of the restaurant Kundan Lal Gujral who was also the owner of the restaurant came up with this recipe. In addition, a shocking fact is that it was created by mistake. The chef Kundan Lal Gujral would use the leftover chicken and gravy and make a dish randomly and that is when he used the same ingredients and made this gem called the butter chicken. Sounds interesting right!

Since then, butter chicken is widely consumed in many parts of the world and due to the usage of mild spices, it is an apt dish for everyone.

Paneer tikka

The next one on the list of popular Indian food dishes is the scrumptious and flavorsome paneer tikka. Most Indian dishes are inspired by Persian and Afghan cuisines and similarly, paneer tikka is also a combination of Afghan and Indian cuisine.

The paneer or cottage cheese is marinated with some spices along with other veggies like capsicum, onion, and tomato. After this, they are inserted in a skewer and placed inside a tandoor (grill) until it is cooked properly. In addition, the tikkas are served with spicy green mint chutney.


Naan is an Indian flatbread that comes in an oval shape and is an absolute favorite of most people.

It is a flatbread prepared using plain flour which is kneaded into a dough. The dough is then cut into small parts and rolled out in an oval shape. Some nigella seeds and fresh coriander are sprinkled on the bread which is then transferred to the tandoor and baked until it is evenly cooked.

Naan is consumed with any gravy like butter chicken or paneer masala and is available in different varieties like-

  • Butter naan
  • Garlic naan
  • Cheese naan
  • Plain naan


Another recipe very popular on the Indian food dishes list is the crunchy and soft samosas. The reason why we say crunchy and soft is that it has an outer covering of crispy bread and a filling of soft potato mixture. It is a popular North Indian snack and a portion of famous street food in many parts of India.

The good news for all Indian food lovers is that the samosas are vegan with no meat or dairy product but they can be modified and some of the ingredients like potato can be substituted with any meat product according to your preference.

10 popular Indian food dishes that you must try

Rogan josh

The next dish is the spicy and tasty Kashmiri rogan josh. Made with red Kashmiri chilies, this dish originates from Kashmir and is a staple food item in many restaurants. The rogan josh is a gravy-based dish with mild spices and a lump of juicy tender meat.

Also, the recipe can be a bit difficult to make but the item is easily available in many restaurants. The dish is served with some naan or rice and other condiments.


After a spicy dish let’s talk about something sweet, and what better than the sweet and tasty rasgulla. They are small round white balls made from cottage cheese, dipped in sugar syrup and they originate from the sweet state of India- Bengal.

The rasgullas are available in almost all Indian restaurants and are generally consumed on festivals or special occasions like weddings or birthday parties.

Aloo gobi

Let’s talk about some homely recipe that has the best taste and amazing flavors. We are talking about none other than aloo gobi which is an Indian vegetable dish made of potato and cauliflower with a hodgepodge of spices and herbs. They are served with bread or rice according to the diners’ preference. Hence, try out this dish and you would not regret it for sure.

Puran Poli

Puran Poli is another Indian flatbread made of flour and filled with a sweet chickpea or pigeon pea mixture. It is widely popular in the state of Maharashtra and the southern region of India. People eat this dish on festivals and occasions and the bread is generally consumed without anything as it tastes absolutely delicious on its own.


How can we forget to mention biryani in the popular Indian food dishes list? Biryani is the most famous rice recipe originating from India and available in a wide range of varieties. Some of them include-

  • Hyderabadi biryani
  • Bohri biryani
  • Chettinad biryani
  • Kacchi biryani
  • Lucknowi biryani


Let’s end the list on a sweet note with the creamy and rich lassi. It is a north Indian refreshment made of yogurt and mixed with sugar and other ingredients like cardamom and Kesar. Therefore, it is the best recipe for summers and the dish is loved by everyone.


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