Must have Indian Snacks

7 Must-Have Indian Snacks In 2021


We all love snacks. Especially, when it comes to Indian snacks we have over 100 varieties of dishes available that are loved by almost everyone. Snacks are sometimes healthy or junk. The dishes vary from simple to exotic with unique flavors and spices in each dish. Also, the recipes can be non-vegetarian, vegetarian, and vegan. 

2020 did not go as smoothly and we were stuck in our houses for most of the time. But one thing that we have learned so far is that cooking food is not that difficult. So, we thought of giving a few more ideas so that cooking becomes more fun and tastier. Here are the 7 must-have Indian snacks in 2021. All the dishes are pretty simple and uncomplicated and do not require a lot of ingredients. So unleash the foodie within you and start with the most exciting journey of cooking!


The first recipe in our list of Indian snacks is by far the most demanding snack that is cooked at least once a month in every Indian household. It is none other than the crispy and hot pakoras also known as spicy fritters. Pakoras are made from easy ingredients like gram flour, vegetables, onions. In addition, some spices are added to enhance the taste and flavor of the pakoras. They are of different types and some of them include onion pakoras, spinach pakoras, or the classic bread pakoras. The pakoras consist of a lot of oil. However, the oil can be substituted with an air fryer or by simply eating it once a month. So, enjoy some tasty pakoras on a rainy day or cold winter.


It is a Maharashtrian as well as a Gujarati snack and is also known as patuli, dahiwadi, or suralichi vadi. Khandvi is prepared using a gram flour batter and yogurt mixed with spices and a few green chilies. Later, it is rolled into bite sizes and garnished with some coconut, mustard seeds, and chutney. It can be served hot or cold and is available in local street shops around India.  Hence, it is the best appetizer one can prepare for themselves and is light in consumption. 


You go to Girgaon Chowpatty or Juhu beach in Mumbai and the first thing you would naturally do is get a pack of bhelpuri. It is the best partner to enjoy the cold breeze and have the best sunset view. Bhelpuri is again a popular savory snack originating from India and is a type of chaat. It is made with the most simple ingredients and does not require any complicated cooking. The ingredients include puffed rice, sev, vegetables, tamarind chutney, mint chutney, and spices that increase the taste of bhelpuri. During summers, people also prefer adding chopped raw mangoes in the bhel puri. Also, some of the elements vary according to the people’s preferences. 


Dhokla is our next dish in the Indian snacks list which is found mainly in Gujarat. It is an all-in-one dish that can be consumed during breakfast, lunch, side dish, or as a snack. Dhokla is a soft and spongy dish made with gram flour, rice flour, and is mixed with a few spices and formed into a batter. It is then cooked until it is soft and then topped with mustard seeds, curry leaves, and grated coconut. The dhoklas are served with some chutney and green chilies.  So have the best dhoklas with a different variety and have a fun time with your family and friends.

Must have Indian Snacks

Aloo Tikki

Aloo Tikki originates from the Indian sub-continent and is one of the popular North Indian snacks. Made with a universal ingredient potato that is used in almost every Indian dish, this dish is loved by everyone and is available in many Indian restaurants and local street shops. The other element consists of peas and spices and is deep-fried in hot oil. Restaurants generally serve it with mint chutney and the condiment is pretty easy in terms of preparation. So one can cook the best dish with the easiest recipe and enjoy!

Masala chai

Let’s get to know about a sweet snack which is basically a beverage. However, it is mostly consumed with a snack during breakfasts or evening snacks. It is a spiced tea that is made with ingredients like tea powder, sugar, milk, and a few other spices that make the best cup of divine beverage. One can have it with pakoras, aloo Tikki, dhokla, and almost everything. In addition, we assure one that no one will ever get bored with this snack. So enjoy the best Indian snacks with the best beverage. 

Vada pav

The last one in the Indian snacks list originates from the Indian subcontinent and is popular in Maharashtra. It is a fried potato dumpling placed inside a bread pun called pav. The potato dumpling is a spicy ball made with a filling of potato and spices. It is then covered with a gram flour batter. Later, it is fried in hot oil and placed inside the pav with the addition of sweet and spicy chutney. The sweet chutney is made using tamarind whereas the spicy chutney involves green chilies and mint. People also like to eat green chilies with the vada pav to increase the spice level. One can enjoy it on a rainy day with some masala chai and have a great time with their family and friends.

The bottom line


In conclusion, these were our top 7 must-have Indian snacks for 2021. that are easy to cook with the most simple ingredients. One can also enjoy the dish in any Indian restaurant. Such a  restaurant is Corriander leaf that provides the best Indian snacks ensuring maximum quality and safety. The dishes are authentic and cooked by the best chefs who are experts in the culinary field. They have the maximum knowledge and experience. So, if you are looking to have an authentic Indian experience, Coriander Leaf is the right place for you. We hope the article helps you in finding your favorite Indian snack. Check out our blog on best breakfasts now.