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All you need to know about Tandoori ovens

Tandoori ovens- Clay ovens

Table of content

  • Introduction
  • Why should you try tandoors?
  • What Exactly Is A Tandoor Oven?
  • How Do They Work?
  • Famous Tandoori Foods For Your Party! 
  • Conclusion


A tandoor, which is also known as a “Tannour,”. It is a cylindrical metal or clay oven used to bake or prepare traditional Asian foods. Tandoors are mostly available in Western Asia, the South Caucasus, Southern Asia, and Central Asia for baking and cooking.

Tandoor ovens come in two basic varieties: the gas Indian clay oven and the coal Indian clay oven, which uses charcoal.

Wood, gas, or charcoal are available inside the tandoor to produce heat that cooks or bakes the food that is directly in contact with the fire. Your dish will taste smokey and savory as a result. According to experts, tandoor temperatures can occasionally approach 480 degrees Celsius, and to sustain this high temperature, the majority of tandoors are kept in a fire. You can taste different types tandoori dishes at Corriander leaf restaurant.

Why should you try tandoors?

Following are 8 advantages of tandoor cooking:

1.A wide range of cuisines can be prepared there.

2.No need of oils

3.Smoky Meat, third

4.Appropriate Heat Exposure

5.Cooking kebabs, chicken, and other meats only takes 10 to 15 minutes.

6.Doesn’t require monthly upkeep

7.Quick and effective cooking

8.Enables you to prepare classic flatbread

What Exactly Is A Tandoor Oven?

Here is a summary of what a tandoor oven is:

1.It is a traditional clay cooking pot that is mostly available in China, India, and the Arab world.

2.Charcoal or firewood are used to create the fire in classic tandoor ovens, commonly referred to as tandoor ovens.

3.Traditional foods are baked or prepared at temperatures of more than 400 °C.

How Do They Work?

You put the food within an oval chamber in a tandoor. Food is baked or cooked in traditional clay ovens as it comes into contact with the fire blazing inside the tandoor. This gives the food a ton of flavor and smoke.

The dripping liquid of the herbs, spices, and other special flavors will fall directly to the wood or charcoal that is burning inside it when you mix them. As a result, the tandoor will be able to give your food a smoky, highly flavorful flavor that no other method of cooking can match.

The majority of meals are ready using metal skewers, which sort of hang the food in the center of the tandoor while it cooks. As long as food comes in contact with the correct heat, it all cooks at the same rate. As the food contacts with live heat inside the clay oven that is over 400 degrees Celsius during traditional tandoor cooking, the food cooks significantly more quickly than with other cooking techniques. You can reach out to Corriander Leaf for more information related to tandoori ovens.

Tandoori oven

Famous Tandoori Foods For Your Party!

Globally, tandoori dishes are rather well-known. Tandoori food is defined as anything prepared in a tandoor, a type of clay oven. You must go to a reputable Indian restaurant that specializes in Tandoori food if you want to sample some mouthwatering Tandoori specialties. The tender, juicy Tandoori Chicken, the decadent reshmi or malai kebabs, the boneless sheek kebabs, the mouthwatering fish tikkas, the amazing paneer tikkas, the fluffy naan, and Tandoori roti are some of the most well-known Tandoori delicacies.

The benefits of eating food cooked in a tandoor include receiving amazing char-grilled foods that are almost fat-free. Due to the food’s deliciously crispy outer layer, many people adore Tandoori cuisine. Here are a few of the top Tandoori dishes that are incredibly famous all around the world and corriander leaf serves its best.

1. Tandoori Chicken

A mixture of yogurt and several real spices are used to marinade the chicken, which is then roasted or char-grilled in a cylindrical Tandoor oven until fully cooked. Globally, Tandoori Chicken is incredibly famous. It is a popular favorite snack among both kids and adults. It’s pretty remarkable to see red chunks of raw, marinated chicken being put onto long metal skewers and placed into the hot Tandoor. Tandoori chicken tastes good when the outside is beautiful and crispy and the inside is moist and incredibly luscious.

2. Chicken Tikka

The main component of chicken tikka is boneless chicken chunks. They have been marinated and grilled in the tandoor, a type of clay oven. Yogurt and several genuine spices are in the marinade. The chicken parts are barbecued or roasted over open fire in Punjab. The chicken pieces are continuously fanned while being occasionally coated with ghee or clarified butter to enhance the flavors. Lemon wedges, onion rings, and either green pudina/mint or dhaniya/coriander chutney are frequently paired best with chicken tikka.

3. Reshmi Kebabs

Various names are used to refer to reshmi kebabs. They go by several names, including murg malai kebab, malai chicken tikka, and malai kebab. Reshmi kebabs are creamy and smooth, and they typically melt in your mouth. The most often ordered dish at any reputable Indian eatery with a Tandoori Place focus is a reshmi kebab.

4. Fish Tikka

Undoubtedly one of the most well-liked Tandoori dishes is fish tikka. Fish with no bones that have been marinated in yogurt and a variety of spices are char-grilled in a tandoor till done. In any Indian restaurant, this meal is common as a starter because it is healthful. You can serve it with a green salad consisting of finely sliced cucumber, onions, green peppers, and lemon juice. It must be accompanied by mint or coriander chutney. Actually, the ideal fish tikka is sour, hot, and flaky. They have flavor and have a tendency to melt in your mouth beautifully.

5. Naan

Maida, or white flour, is combined with yogurt, yeast, and salt to make naan dough. Actually, the dough is kneaded for a time before being left alone for a few hours to rise. You would need dough that is elastic and smooth. After rising, you can divide the dough into huge balls and then roll out and bake.

6. Tandoori Gobi

Vegetarians, tandoori food has a special place just for you. The majority of Indians have tried the flavorful, smokey, and incredibly juicy tandoori gobi. Like many tandoori recipes, this one also includes marination in a variety of spices and undergoes cooking for 5 to 10 minutes inside a tandoor (depending on the heat of the tandoor oven).

7. Tandoori Murg

The question of how this dish differs from the traditional Tandoori Chicken must be on the minds of many people. In contrast to Tandoori Chicken, which employs chicken bits, this recipe utilizes the full chicken body. You can use the spicy concoction to marinade the chicken, and then grill it in a Tandoor. Make sure you cook the chicken thoroughly and consistently.

8. Tandoori Malai Tikka

A dish called Tandoori Malai Tikka involves marinating boneless chunks of chicken in a marinade containing yogurt, spices, and cream. After that, a Tandoor is there to roast the chicken pieces.

9. Balochi Aloo

This Tandoori Aloo variant is distinct and a medley of flavors. Vegetables, cashews, cottage spice, and other spices are placed into the hollowed-out potatoes. Hence, a Tandoor is used to roast the potatoes.

10. Tandoori Mushroom

However finding a fantastic vegetarian dinner to serve your guests becomes a challenge. Okay, not any longer. Put your mushrooms in a Tandoor masala with some garlic and chili paste to marinate them. The mushrooms can then be grilled in an oven or sautéed with a little oil. Also serve with coriander and mint chutney on top of a bed of mashed potatoes and fried onions.

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The tandoori oven is more than simply a piece of hardware, and the meal it produces is more than just food. Indians adore tandoori cuisine, as is famous. We can find tandoori food aficionados and tandoori cuisine in every nook and cranny of the country, whether it be a street vendor or a fine dining establishment. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to eat at an Indian restaurant without a tandoor oven or to get vada pav on a Mumbai street! 

The earthy flavor and distinctive smokey flavor of tandoori foods, together with the exquisite scent, set them apart from those prepared on a gas stove. However Tandoori cuisine items can be available on every dinner menu, from a cozy dinner party held in private to the largest of occasions. However the best thing is that it’s simple to prepare at home and may be available healthiest way possible by using the grilling method. Hence you can brings your family and friend at one of the best restaurants in your town “Corriander Leaf”.

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