Best North Indian Food Dishes

Best North Indian Food Dishes

In comparison to other dishes of India, North Indian food is best. As they made many of the dishes in pure desi ghee or fresh cream. Some of the dishes take a long time to prepare as they involve conscientious steps, but once you take a bite, you know you are in for a gastronomic trip. And here the best part is that you also have simple homemade food such as Dal and Rajma Chawal which have their own image in people’s heart.


Here is the list of some of the best recipes from the various regions of North India:




Shahi paneer is a cheese curry that originates from India’s Mughal kitchen. They used to prepare it with paneer cheese, onions and almond paste, and a rich, spicy thick tomato-cream sauce. Typically they prepare this dish with Indian breads such as naan, roti, and puri. This vegetarian dish is generally referred to as the Royal paneer. People used to prepare It on special occasions and festivals as a main meal. Shahi Paneer is generally rich, hearty, and nutritious. People used to garnish it with fresh coriander leaves.




In North India Rajma is one of the most popular vegetarian dishes. It incorporates red kidney beans which are braised in a rich gravy combined with different kinds of spices. They generally prepare this dish for festivities and special occasions, when they serve it with rice and roti. Although it is closely associated with North India, where it is a main food. Red kidney bean was actually introduced to the country from central Mexico and Guatemala, but the Mexican version of this dish is more different than the Indian one. People used to love eating Rajma as vegetarian curries in both Punjab and the North region.




The dish kadhi uses yogurt or buttermilk and is typically thickened using gram flour (besan). Although kadhi is the most popular dish throughout the country. One of the most popular dishes is the Punjabi kadhi, which is featured by its thick consistency and the special addition of pakora. Other popular varieties are Gujarati, Rajasthani, and tamarind-based Sindh versions. People used to eat Kadhi with rice or bread.

Best North Indian Food Dishes



Dal Makhani originated from Punjab. It has become one of the most popular and favourite Indian dishes, both in our country and in foreign. It consists of red kidney beans and black lentils (also go under the name urad) and. Then we used to boil them. The dish uses heavy amounts of ghee and various seasonings like ginger garlic paste and Kashmiri red chili. Then they slowly cook in a rich and thick tomato-based sauce. The word makhani means butter, as a small amount of melted butter provides the classic dish with typical soft flavor. 




Palak paneer is a popular Indian vegetarian dish made with cottage cheese in a smooth and thick sauce consisting of spinach puree mixed with tomatoes, garam masala, garlic, and many different spices. Even the main ingredients of this dish are mentioned in its own name,  however palak means spinach, and paneer refers to cottage cheese. Palak paneer has its roots in the Punjabi, but there are also other differences of the dish all over India. It is a highly effective meal which we can consume for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It is best accompanied by rice or Indian flatbreads like naan and roti.




Indian tikka is a dish that people generally prepare with chicken. Hence cut them into smaller pieces and lastly marinate them in yogurt, gram flour and traditional Indian spices, garlic and ginger paste. Then people roast the meat over charcoal in a tandoor. People used to brush meat repeatedly with oil or butter to keep it soft and juicy. They serve and cook Tikka generally on sizzlers. 




Butter Chicken is probably the best of all Indian dishes, also known as murgh makhani. It is a main dish at most Indian restaurants. The restaurant’s cooks mixed leftover marinade juices with tomatoes and butter puree, and then roast the tandoor-cooked chicken in it. 




Biryani is a classic dish dating back to the Mughal times. The main ingredients that people use in biryani are rice, spices, vegetables, dry fruits, nuts and yogurt etc. 

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