Is Indian Food Healthy? 5 Healthy Dishes You Should Have


Indian food has a diverse variety of cuisines from every region with numerous variants of spices and flavors. These give us a sense of satisfaction to the taste buds. It is the most wholesome food that brings Indian culture alive and allows the people to celebrate its diversity. But one thing that has been a misconception lately is that Indian food is unhealthy. It is not the truth and people who stop eating Indian food and substitute it with a bland salad

Unfortunately, they don’t realize the health benefits they can get from it. Hence, the answer to the question- Is Indian food healthy? Well, yes! Indian food is always linked to high sugar and carbs which may be the case in some food items but not all. To clear this misunderstanding, we have listed out the 5 healthy Indian dishes that you can have even if you are on a diet.


First up, we have the delicious dal or lentils that are filled with proteins and other nutritious elements. Dal is used to preparing soups, curries, and also added in rice to make it healthier. The devourer will have various options in dal that include pigeon peas (toor dal), mung beans (mung dal), lentils (masoor dal), and urad dal. All these options are healthy and can be eaten with roti or rice. The preparation of dal is also pretty uncomplicated. The use of oil and spices is quite less which makes it a perfect option for a healthy meal. One can also add it in khichdi that is made from rice and have it during lunch or dinner. Certain types of dal can also be consumed as a snack by adding a few spices, nuts, cashews, etc. 

Chana Masala

Chana or chickpeas is an ingredient that is widely popular in the Indian subcontinent. The legume is filled with proteins, dietary minerals and fiber, and vitamins that are really good for the body. Chickpeas are generally used in Indian cuisine to make chana masala. It is a gravy-based curry made of chickpeas, tomato, onion, garlic, and a few other spices. One can substitute the oil with coconut or peanut oil rather than using normal vegetable oil. It is a healthier option. Another thing that can be substituted is normal salt. It has a high sodium content that can be harmful to the body. So, one can use rock salt or Himalayan pink salt which is much healthier. Chana masala can be served with roti or rice along with a salad or pickle. 


Kebab is a tasty and healthy option for people who want to eat food and lose weight. It will help you stay healthy at the same time. Kebab consists of meat or vegetables that are marinated in spices and then grilled in an oven or tandoor. The reason why we call it healthy is that there is little or no use of oil in kebabs and not to forget meat has high protein and vegetables also are very nutritious. The medicinal benefits of Indian food are visible through the various spices that are healthy and add a punch of flavor to the dish. One can also use soya bean or cottage cheese. It is also high in protein as a substitute for meat. The preparation is also simple and it can be served with a chutney which is again quite delicious and healthy.



You might be already familiar with this mouth-watering dish that is super healthy as well. Tandoori gets its name because the dishes are cooked in a hot clay pot or oven. There are different varieties of tandoori available in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Some of them consist of chicken tandoori, fish tandoori, potato tandoori, and other vegetarian options. The veggies and meat are marinated an hour ago so that the taste is enhanced and the flavor seeps into the meat or vegetables. It is then cooked in the tandoor without using oil or butter that makes it so nutritious. All these vegetables and meat have high nutritional value like protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. These are all a requirement for a healthy body. Tandoori can be served with chutney and can also be consumed with roti. 

Aloo Gobi 

The last dish is comfort food that you will definitely love and devour. It is a great option not just for vegetarians but also for non-vegetarian lovers because that taste is that good. The curry is yellowish due to the use of turmeric and also contains curry leaves or kalonji at times. Potato and cauliflower are the primary ingredients in the dish along with other elements like chilies, coriander, spices, and other such ingredients. There are a number of variations of this dish but one thing that is very common in every Indian household loves to prepare this dish at least once a week or month. The oil can be substituted with other healthier versions and the quantity can also be reduced easily. Aloo gobi can be served with roti or rice along with other condiments like pickles and salad. 

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, Indian food is a great option as it has various medicinal benefits. Hence, when cooked with the right ingredients and proper amount, it is the perfect choice for everyone. 

All of the above are super healthy options to substitute chips and other junk food items. The idea is to consume healthy food and whatever the form is, until and unless it is healthy everything goes perfect. A tip from our side would be to use only natural and fresh ingredients while cooking these dishes. It is because its nutritional value increases when you use original quality. If you are not into cooking and want to order the food from a restaurant, we have got the right choice for that as well. 

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