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Indian food without onion


A delicious collection of Indian vegetarian recipes without onion. If you are in a dilemma of finding recipes without onion that are tasty and easy. These recipes are easy to cook but taste definitely delicious.The dishes below includes recipes that are easy to make with simple and easy steps. All you have to do is add the ingredients, spices, vegetables and allow them to cook. There is no need to worry about chopping the onion or using too many pots for making a simple dish. No onion recipes are healthy and easy to digest and with a succulent taste.



Sookhe aloo is a spicy falahari recipe, one of the perfect recipes for those who don’t want onion in their food. This is a very common and popular recipe to eat during fasting days. You can serve this dish as a sabzi or as a snack. You can read its easy recipe from any internet source and make this impressive recipe on your own.


Crispy crunchy sago pearls from outside and squishy potato filling inside. The sabudana vada is the most loved recipe in India. This is an onion-free mix of crispy balls deep-fried in spicy Sabudana and potato cutlets. It is perfect for a morning or evening snack. Generally children love this dish more.


Aloo katli is another potato dish which is easy to make and eat. This also can double up as appetizers or side dishes as per your taste or preferences.


Paneer has been a famous dish since forever. There is no doubt that paneer recipes are loved by all either old or young. However the Achari paneer recipe is spicy and tangy in taste. It is made with appealing flavors from achari masala and will be your most loved recipe without onion.


We can easily prepare tomato paneer in under 20 minutes. This is one of my favorite quick paneer recipes without onion. You can also make this paneer recipe during navratri days.


Bharwa shimla mirch will be the most popular dish among the above list of onion free dishes. You serve this starter hot and people will shower the rain of compliments on you. Hence the recipe for the same is available on many social platforms.


Kashmiri dum aloo is an Indian dish that comes from the valleys of Kashmir. People used to cook baby potatoes with spicy thick gravy, it has a vibrant and rich taste. It can be easily prepared on fasting days because it is an onion free recipe.


I know that everyone is familiar with aloo tamatar. Indian families cook this recipe on a daily basis. Aloo Tamatar  is a tomato-based light curry that is a great fit for lunch or dinner during. You can serve it with paratha or roti for a great brunch.


I learned this recipe from my grandmother and since then I make it during Fasting, because we can’t eat onions during fast. Raw banana curry mixed with aromatic spices. So it is a perfect choice for Navratri days.


This dish is an onion free chana masala curry recipe. It tastes tasty and is very easy to make. Since it is an onion free dish, you can easily make it on fast days. So eat the Pindi chana masala with puri for lunch or breakfast.


Achari Aloo Gobhi is an easy to make and spicy cauliflower recipe in which they cook cauliflower and potatoes with marinated spices in mustard oil. This Achari Aloo Gobhi recipe is slightly different from the basic aloo gobi.

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