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Which restaurants are special?

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  • South Korea
  • France
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Corriander Leaf



After a tough week at work, school, or in general, one looks forward to the weekend. Almost everyone gets a holiday on the weekend. The thought of waking up late and not having to follow a schedule or have somewhere to be is almost exciting. The entire week is so busy that you rarely get time to go outside. So on the weekend, everyone heads out. The preferred activity is mostly eating out with family, friends, or loved ones. So for this, we need to find the perfect restaurant that suits us. Most of us just do a Google search for “family restaurants near me” and select the one that suits us. While finding the perfect dine in a restaurant, the cuisine, the atmosphere, the service, and the location all play an important role. 

Also, price is a major factor. Imagine paying ₹5000 ($70) for a single pizza. It sounds way too expensive. This price may discourage customers from selecting your restaurant. So all in all, a lot of factors contribute to making a restaurant popular. 

But we have a suggestion for the perfect dine in restaurant for you. Additionally, we are saving you the trouble of googling family restaurants near me. Because we love our customers, we at Corriander Leaf have taken extra care to ensure that our customers have the best experience possible. So come dine with us at Corriander Leaf if you’re ready to have the best culinary experience ever.

Which restaurants are special?

You might have come across certain restaurants on social media that are way too popular, and sometimes you don’t know the reason why. Sometimes, a restaurant is famous because a celebrity or multiple celebrities have visited there. But sometimes, they might have a special/signature dish that other dine in restaurants won’t have, which makes them “special.” 

Let’s look at some of the popular restaurants according to surveys from all over the world. 



Indian Accent is the best restaurant in India. It is Chef Manish Mehrotra’s restaurant. According to Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants, Indian Accent in New Delhi is the 22nd-best restaurant in the continent. It won Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants’ San Pellegrino “Best Restaurant in India” award each year from 2015 to 2021. The “No. 1 Restaurant in India” ranking for Indian Accent on TripAdvisor has remained constant from 2014 to 2019. It is listed by Time Magazine as “Among the World’s 100 Greatest Places”. The restaurant is also named the “Number 1 Restaurant in India” by Condé Nast Traveler. 

The menu of this restaurant is curated with a variety of local ingredients. It is a contemporary Indian menu bringing together fresh seasonal produce and unusual ingredients from across the world. The restaurant’s full dining experience is offered by the six-course Chef’s Tasting menu. Each course is paired with a variety of wines from India and around the world. 


South Korea

South Korea has brought about a Hallyu wave. They have some of the best dine-in restaurants and food in the world (K-pop and dramas too).  It’s no wonder people love South Korea. 7th Door is our choice for the best restaurant in South Korea. 7th Door has an otherworldly vibe, as it is accessed through a long, neon-lit corridor lined with doors and enters the restaurant through the seventh.

 The hallway is also lined with jars that depict the philosophy of 7th Door and range in age from three to ten years. It is so beautifully done that the restaurant was ranked No. 26 in Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants in 2021. Kim Dae-Chun serves 10 inventive courses to 14-diners per sitting, which are assembled around his chef’s counter. However, It may not be the ideal family restaurant. So, if you’re not a Korean citizen, a quick search for family restaurants near me might be a good option.



A lot of other styles and specialties have their roots in French cuisine. This has truly come to rule the world. Le Fouquet’s is a restaurant that opened in 1899. It is a legendary place in Paris which is famous for hosting the post-dinner celebrations of the Cesar Awards ceremony for the last 40 years. Chef Pierre Gagnaire, who holds a Michelin star, worked with the team to create the menu. 

It includes the chef’s contemporary take on traditional French fare, including perfectly cooked fish dishes, tender meat cuts, and the freshest vegetables. Black-and-white pictures of the numerous celebrities who have dined there serve as evidence that you’re in good company. The classic setting is perfect for a refined Parisian evening. 



Italy is best known for its pasta and pizzas. They do, however, have one of the best cuisines in the world. The best restaurant in Italy is Osteria Francescana. This restaurant is located near the church of San Francesco. Massimo Bottura, the chef, has reimagined traditional Emilian dishes for this restaurant, which serves both traditional and modern cuisine. There are sculptures, installations, and paintings inside the restaurant. Osteria was named the best restaurant in the world in 2018. The waiting list is very long; hence, it is very difficult to book a table here. 

The menu items are creative and interpret the region and Italian culinary tradition. What does the menu of Osteria look like? For example, the seafood salad; the crunchy foie gras in a crust of Noto almonds and Piedmont hazelnuts with traditional Modena balsamic vinegar; ravioli with leeks, foie gras, and truffles; tortellini in capon broth; sea bass in hollandaise sauce; and tagliatelle with ragu. It is a pretty fancy restaurant and might not be the ideal family dine in a restaurant. So, a quick Google search for the best family restaurants near me will do the trick.

Corriander leaf, Myanmar

Corriander Leaf

Situated in Yangon, Myanmar, Corriander Leaf is a restaurant serving traditional Indian Food. The three things that stand out about us are the magical atmosphere, the premium quality of food, and the pocket-friendly prices. Our restaurant, which we opened back in 2011, has beautifully grown into a one-stop paradise for all of your favorite foods and beverages.  

According to customer needs and feedback, the entire chain of our restaurants offers specialized catering services.  We aim to be your prime choice for the perfect dine in a restaurant. 

Corriander leaf also offers several customizable services. We think that there is more than one way to get to the heart of a customer. It is through their soul. Therefore, regardless of how big or small the event is, we ensure that our services become the heart of every single one of them.

Indian cuisine is diverse and rich. The very essence of Indian cooking is the love with which it is prepared. This is why at Corriander Leaf we encompass it all. This is to make sure you have the best dining experience in our restaurant. There is no longer a need to search for the best family restaurants near me in Yangon, as we have got you covered. Our dishes are made with exotic Indian spices, fresh vegetables, and the special ingredient love. Our prices won’t be harsh on your pocket while we deliver the absolute best dishes to you. Also, don’t miss out on our tasty and delectable desserts. If you are ready to eat some amazing Indian food, we will be waiting to serve you.

Corriander Leaf is established in 2011 in Yangon, Myanmar. Ever since, Corriander Leaf has blossomed into an one-expanding paradise for all your favorite delicacies and drink. The Corriander Leaf has now 1 Banquet hall,2 Indian family Dining Restaurants (Corriander Leaf).

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