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What Is The Staple Food Of North Indians

What Is The Staple Food Of North Indians 1.1


The North Indian region comprises states like Punjab, Uttarakhand, Jammu and Kashmir, Chandigarh, Haryana, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh. These regions are known for their green fields and ample amount of water. Hence, crops like wheat grow in a huge quantity in the region. That is why a staple diet in the region is wheat and many dishes are prepared using it. The staple food of north Indians are not just popular in the northern region but also all over the world. To give you a glimpse of how tasty these dishes are, we present to you some of the most popular dishes. These are made using wheat flour which is a staple food in the northern region of the Indian subcontinent. India’s diverse culture gives you an amazing variety of dishes. So dive into the article and explore the staple food of north Indians!

List of Staple food of North Indians


The first recipe that uses wheat flour as the primary ingredient is parathas. They are thick Indian flatbreads that are heated on a pan and served hot. The ingredients consist of wheat flour, water, and salt. They are generally made in the form of plain parathas, but there are other variations to it that consist of- :

  • Aloo parathas 
  • Paneer paratha 
  • Gobi paratha 
  • Ajwain paratha 
  • Muli ke paratha and many more. 

These parathas are served with yogurt, pickles, or any vegetable curry. Mostly, they are served as breakfast in the northern region of the Indian subcontinent. 


The next dish is poori which is a deep-fried flatbread made with wheat flour and water as the primary ingredient. This dish is quite famous in the northern region and is especially made during festivals or special occasions. Pooris are generally served with chole or chickpea curry. They are also served with aloo ki sabzi which is a potato mixture made with spices and herbs. Along with this people also serve shrikhand which is made of strained yogurt and is sweet in taste. So enjoy some hot poori with any of the above dishes and get ready for an amazing experience!


The next dish is similar to pooris but larger in comparison and it is known as bhature. Bhatura is made of wheat flour or plain flour according to the eater’s preference. Also, it is generally made of wheat flour as it is considered to be much healthier. The wheat flour is kneaded into a dough and cut into small parts. These small parts are then shaped in a round or oval structure with the help of a roller and deep-fried in hot oil. Once they get a balloon-like perfect structure and turn slightly brown they are served hot with some chole which is a spicy chickpea curry along with condiments like mango pickle, onion, and chutney (mint sauce). They are widely sold as street food in many regions of North India. They are generally consumed as breakfast or lunch meals. 

What Is The Staple Food Of North Indians 1.2


The next dish is again a type of Indian flatbread which is mostly found all over the world. It originated in the northern region of the Indian subcontinent. We are talking about the delicious naan which is made of either plain flour or wheat flour. People prefer making it with plain flour but can also consider making it with wheat flour as it is healthier. The flour is kneaded into a dough and rolled out in an oval or circular shape. It is then topped with some black nigel seeds, garlic, and coriander. 

Once the topping is placed correctly, the naan is transferred into a hot tandoor (Indian oven) and allowed to cook until it gets a bit hard. The hot naans are served with Indian curries like butter chicken, paneer pasanda, malai kofta, dum aloo. There are many more such dishes along with some side dishes like salad, papad, and pickle. 

Atte ka halwa

Let’s end the list on a sweet note with the delicious atte ka halwa or wheat pudding. It originates from the northern part of India. Atte ka halwa is quite popular in the region and is served as a prasad in religious temples. In addition, it is also prepared during festivals and special occasions. 

The preparation is also quite simple and requires ingredients like wheat flour, sugar, clarified butter, dry fruits, and some spices. The flour is roasted with ghee to remove the rawness of it until it turns slightly golden brown. It is then mixed with some water and sugar until it forms a thick consistency. After this, some sugar and dry fruits are added to the pudding and then topped with some cardamom powder to enhance the flavor. It is served hot with some extra ghee on the top along with pooris or on their own. It is a great option for midnight cravings or hunger at unusual times. One would definitely love to make it as well as eat it. 

The bottom line

In conclusion, all these dishes are widely popular all over the world and taste absolutely delicious. You will definitely love it and would want to eat it again and again. They are made on special occasions but if you are craving these dishes, there is no such special day. These dishes can be made at home or ordered from a restaurant as per the eater’s preference. 

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We hope that you enjoyed the list of North Indian food that consists of the staple food of the North Indian region. Hence, you should try it at least once by either cooking or ordering from a restaurant. Read more about our blog on North Indian cuisine and get to know more about some amazing dishes.

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