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The Best Tips To Consider Before Starting an Indian Restaurant 

The Best Tips To Consider Before Starting An Indian Restaurant

One can easily make their Indian restaurant business successful by following the right tips and executing their plans in the right way which is the bottom line for the field. Apart from marketing plans, the Indian restaurant must also target the right audience and targeted areas which can boost the sales of the business. Keeping all the basics correct is one of the prime methods of starting a successful Indian restaurant chain.


Starting an Indian restaurant can be a daunting task due to the high risk of losses, and the presence of splendid competitors can make things difficult for new players. The risk of closing the new restaurant business venture is high when we compare it with any other business as a restaurant has to connect or engage the target consumers in the right manner to win over the experienced and mighty competitors in the field. 


Here is what all new restaurant startups can consider while opening their Indian restaurant. We have brought a collection of some of the expert tips that can guide all the new players in the highly competitive field of the restaurant.

The chefs of a restaurant play a pivotal role in uplifting or depreciating the structure of a restaurant among the target consumers. Consumers love to visit restaurants which have highly experienced chefs who are well-experienced in cooking the best Indian dishes on earth. The first job of all the restaurant owners is to hire a well-experienced chef whose team can satisfy the taste buds of the potential consumers.

Once you have hired a talented chef for your restaurant, the next job is to finalize the concept of the Indian restaurant. Indian food comes in a lot of varieties from a mid-day tummy-filling meal to a small cup of a tea rich in herbs. However, spices are accompanied by fried side dishes. 


Take some time in discussing this with your chef. As this will also let you know about the experience of the chef in cooking various Indian dishes. Most the people starting a new Indian restaurant business would love to start with famous Indian snacks and desserts. And slowly build their brand as it becomes popular among locals.

3. Finding The Right Location

Similar to any other business, restaurant business also demands a perfect location. An area where a large number of people can walk in and taste or try some of the best dishes. One of the best locations for starting a restaurant is in public places or locations where there are higher frequencies of people traveling daily. The selection of the right place for the restaurant can impact the sales and promotion of the restaurant.


Apart from the tips mentioned above. One must also ensure that they have their budget or business loan to start their new business venture. And at last executing plans in the best way is the secret to success in any field of business.

4. Understand The Locale

Before starting an Indian restaurant, you must ask yourself if you understand the local tastes and culture. To serve people well, you need to know what they want? What are their food preferences? and how do the inhabitants of the city like to eat out? For instance, starting a steakhouse business in an area like Delhi/NCR where certain meat products are banned isn’t the best idea. Likewise, getting alcohol licenses is next to impossible in a city like Ahmedabad. Learn the rules and regulations of each state before you start thinking of the best restaurant ideas.

The Best Tips To Consider Before Starting An Indian Restaurant

Advertisement is essential for any start-up, including restaurants, if you want to get your name out in the market. Distribute menu leaflets and print ads in local newspapers. Use social media such as Facebook and Instagram for advertising your business. 


Have a website and make blog posts. Blogs are useful in sharing a positive word of mouth. Hire content writers or ask customers to write a blog post in return for a free meal. Do a tie-up with popular food delivery apps as well if you intend to deliver food in your location.

Menu and logo design are crucial in restaurant success and require necessary attention. For your menu content, ask for the help of your chef in naming dishes. Include food items that can be made easily with readily found ingredients. Cost of dishes depends on the competition in the location. 


Find a logo designer who can assist you with menu design as well. Come up with a branding package for the staff uniform, tableware, and paper napkins. Hire an interior designer for the restaurant theme as well as furniture, seating arrangement, and lighting.

7. Restaurant Tech Investment

POS (Point of Sale) systems are a fundamental part of a restaurant business plan that you can’t function without. However several POS systems in the market can help you manage orders, billing, and delivery along with various other features. So if you intend to run a loyalty program, employ technology to link it with your POS. 


For advanced technology usage, you can go for predictive order management software to predict demand and lessen wastage. Restaurant management software can receive payment through smartphones, e-wallets etc. Keep in mind to weigh the expense of licensing POS tools and restaurant management software when you are evaluating your investment budget.

Running A Successful Indian Restaurant

Owning a restaurant is a dream for several people. However, not many can realize it because of the challenges they face. Hence all you require is confidence, determination and sufficient funds. Have foresight on how to grow. Knowledge of food and palates is critical.


Focus on getting to know more about food from your chefs. Get trade tips and tricks from food distributors. Don’t expect immediate returns. Instead, focus on serving the best food regardless of your business size. So if you follow the tips mentioned in this blog, your restaurant can easily grow into a successful business. For more information Corrainder Leaf is here to help you out!

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