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The top Indian dinner ideas for hosting a home party

The complete guide about Indian dinner for hosting a party at home

One of the most challenging times for every Indian cook is to plan a light and tasty dinner for the weekend. During scorching summer and cozy winters, Indians demand some delicious meals and host various parties and events to make the night feel ecstatic. People who have planned an Indian dinner theme for their party have to read the delicious and mouth-watering Indian dinner recipes listed below.

One of the common problems for Indian house-wives and moms is to select a recipe which can freshen up the mood of their loving and caring husband who spends the whole day out at work and make their tasks easy as working women.  Children love to have delicious treats at night, and most importantly, they love to invite their friends for birthday parties at their home. The Indian dinner ideas listed below are the perfect choice for all the cooks planning for Indian theme dinner

The Indian dinner cooking tips to follow

The first and foremost point to consider while planning for Indian dinner dishes is to make the menu based on the climate. Indians love to eat a variety of foods during different seasons. For example, Most of the Indians eat Pakora with coriander chutney or tomato ketchup during the rainy season. During winter, the entire country enjoys a hard meal or some scrumptious gajar ka halwa which helps the body to warmth during bitter cold weather. 

One of the biggest challenges for Indian cooks is to plan Indian dinner during summer. One can easily face gastrointestinal issues like indigestion during summer. It is better to eat two-three hours before sleep to ensure digestion of the meal. Most nutritionists and diet experts recommend having light food during winter which our stomachs can easily digest.

What are the best Indian dinner ideas for summer?

In India, summer comes with hot afternoons and evenings along with some of the remarkable fruits and veggies like mangoes, watermelon, and litchi. One can include a wide range of vegetable and fruit dishes while planning for summer dinner. The tasty fruit dishes will win hearts and will also ensure the health of the guest. 

Nobody wants to spoil the environment of the party by adding a diet dinner on the list. Therefore here are some of the best ideas which cooks can keep up along with diet menus for offering a taste.

1. Lemon chicken

Lemon chicken is the best idea for Indian dinner as garlic, lemon, accompanied by chicken is what drags guests during the dinner. The tangy and sour flavor of the lemon makes it the most unique dish for a summer day and refreshes the mind after a busy day. One can also keep sugarcane juice as a dessert along with the lemon chicken.

2. Indian spiced buttermilk

A hot summer calls for a cool and refreshing drink to rejuvenate the body and what would be better than a cold Indian spiced buttermilk also known as masala chaas. Buttermilk is a liquid left after churning butter and is a kind of fermented milk. For an Indian version, ingredients like green chilies, cilantro, black salt, and cumin powder are added which intensifies the taste and flavor of buttermilk. After an appetizing dinner, buttermilk is a reviving drink that you cannot miss out on.

3. Dum Aloo Lakwani

If non-vegetarian food is not included during the dinner, then one can select finger-licking curry, which is the one and only Dum Aloo Lakhwani. Some of the key ingredients of this mouth-watering dish are butter, potatoes, cheese, and onions. For a light version of this dish, one can avoid adding more spices or add them in less quantity. The dish can be enjoyed with some Indian flatbread or rice.

4. Shahi paneer

Well, our next edition to the vegetarian dish is shahi paneer made with tomato puree and paneer. The dish seems majestic and loved all across the subcontinent, especially in North India. Everyone loves paneer and this dish can never go wrong. Thick and rich gravy with some paneer and a combination of roti or rice is what one can add to their list, especially for dinners during the summer season.

5. Lauki ka halwa

Bottle gourd has a cooling effect and is the most hydrating vegetable for the scorching heat during summers. But, no one wants to drink the tasteless bottle of gourd juice or salad. Rather, we have listed one of the favorite Indian recipes of lauki or doodhi ka halwa. It is a sweet dessert recipe made from bottle gourd along with ingredients like sugar, milk, ghee, dry fruits, and cardamom to increase the flavor. Lauki ka halwa would be a unique and different dessert to add to your list of Indian dinners.

6. Rajasthani kadhi

Rajasthani kadhi is an Indian cuisine and a staple of the state of Rajasthan. We all know the heat that Rajasthan goes through during summers. So Rajasthani kadhi is a part of their meal to freshen and soothe themselves. It is a spiced sauce made out of curd and later  thickened with gram flour after finally adding some spices. Curd is said to be a cooling agent for the stomach and is great for digestion. The kadhi is available in different versions. As every region has its own style of preparing it. But for an Indian dinner, Rajasthani kadhi would be the perfect dish. 

7. lassi

The last item that we cannot forget is some sweet, thick, and creamy lassi. This is prepared using yogurt and sugar with some more elements like cardamom rose water or any other fruit. It enhances the flavor or gives the lassi a new style. People also prefer namkeen lassi substituting the ingredients with salt, cumin powder, and chaat masala. But whatever your preference is, the item is always a good choice for your Indian dinner list.

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