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The unlimited guide for making delicious Indian milk sweets

The charisma of Indian milk sweets and their role in Indian culture

Let us start by revealing a surprising fact about the relation of Indian milk sweets and the Indian population. Well, a surprising fact about most of the Indians has a sweet tooth, and every Indian authentic meal does not end without the delicious Indian milk sweets and what’s more impressive is Indians or anyone who tastes the Indian milk sweets cannot resist to have one more to satisfy their tongue. 

The Indian milk sweets come in diverse types and use various preparation ingredients from legumes to fruits and vegetables that add to the taste of the Indian desserts. We have brought some of the best Indian milk sweets recipes in this article for all the people who want to satisfy their taste buds.

1. Rasgulla

Rasgulla is the first name in the list originating from Bengal which is also known as the sweet capital of the country. Every city in Bengal has at least a 100 shops where rasgullas are sold on an everyday basis. One of the main ingredients in the making of Rasgulla is cottage cheese which is converted into balls and then dipped in chilled sugar syrup. The Rasgulla melts quickly when kept into the mouth and tempts a person to have one more. Belonging to Bengal, one can rarely find any kitchen in eastern India which does not know how to make this authentic sweet. Just like how one would get them in shops easily, making them at home is another great option.

2. Rasmalai

Rasmalai is a Bengal sweet which is one of the favorite Indian milk sweets served throughout the country. It is very similar to a rasgulla but the only difference is that rather than soaking it in syrup, it is soaked in milk. The Rasmalai also uses cottage cheese which is soaked in thickened milk containing rich Indian dry fruits like and flavored with Cardamom. One of the best ways of serving Rasmalai is garnishing it with dry fruits and serving it chilled. It is one of the best options during special occasions and get-togethers.

3. Gulab Jamun

The delicious Gulab Jamun is traditional dumplings which one can find in almost all the states of the country. The mouth-watering Gulab Jamun is made from thickened milk, and if you don’t find it in the nearby grocery store, you can also go with reduced milk for making dumplings.       

Once the dumplings are ready, one can soak them into the sugar syrup flavored with rose essence. Jamun is a deep-coloured Indian berry to which the color of the dumplings matches. Rasgulla is served chilled, and Gulab Jamun is served warm garnished with vanilla ice cream. They are served during festivals like Diwali and Holi and are the best options for birthday parties.

4. Sandesh Mithai

Bengal is filled with sweet recipes and not adding one more to the list would be disrespecting. No Bengali meal party, event, or any celebration cannot end without a dessert. Sandesh is one of the most loved sweets by all the people residing in the beautiful state of the country. The Sandesh tastes fantastic but what’s more surprising is one can easily make it at home and does not demand any problem during preparation. The recipe requires only 2 ingredients- chana or paneer and sugar with some cardamon to enhance the flavor which is totally optional. An interesting fact about Sandesh is that it is mentioned in the Ramayana and various medieval Bengali literature. 

Easy Indian Sweet Recipes

5. Simple Mango Kulfi

Mango kulfi is a different variety included in the big list of kulfi. It is a frozen milk dessert made with milk, sugar and other flavors. This recipe is a special one as mangoes are everyone’s favorite including both kids and adults. Though Mango Kulfi is seasonal, it is delicious, mouth-watering and easy to make for all the people who are spending a day off and want to enjoy cooking with their kids at home. To make Mango kulfi, one can add mangoes to milk and blend it until it forms a mixture and can store them in kulfi molds in the refrigerator. This is a great dessert for the scorching heat of summers or a midnight craving for girls.

6. Malpua

Malpua is an Indian style pancake served as a dessert in India. In the Vedic period, barley was a major ingredient grown and was used in the preparation of two sweet dishes. One of them was malpua and is still a famous sweet dish in other parts like Nepal and Bangladesh. They are served on festivals and occasions and are served in temples as one of the chhappan bhog (65 food items) to Lord Jagannath. The malpua is made using maida or wheat flour which is then mixed with milk and other ingredients and finally soaked in sugar syrup with other flavors of rosewater and cardamom.

7. Ghevar

The 1st sweet dish that comes to our mind in Rajasthani cuisine is the delicious ghevar. It is a donut shaped sweet milk cake made using maida and sugar with cardamom and then soaked in a sugar syrup. There are a variety of ghevar available in Rajasthan including mava and malai ghevar or plain ghevar. The sweet is also famous in other regions like Haryana, Delhi, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, etc. 

Ghevar is associated with the festival of Teej. According to the ayurvedic, the months between July and September cause dryness in the body leading to mood swings. So, a dish like ghevar is filled with lots of sweetness and ghee. It is prepared to brighten one’s mood and refresh their mind. 

The bottom line

As we mentioned above, when we are talking about sweets, Indians are the first one that comes to mind. So here are some Indian milk sweets specialties from around different states in the country. We hope that you eat all of them at least once in your life. For more Indian food related information you can ask your doubts to Corrainder Leaf

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