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Top 5 Most popular Indian snacks and their recipes

indian snacks healthy recipes

Table of content:

  1. Introduction
  2. Must try Indian dishes
  3. Lifestyle
  4. Intermittent fasting
  5. Eating schedule
  6. Top 5 Indian snacks
  7. The Corriander Leaf


Indian cuisine has gained a lot of popularity over the years. There are many reasons as to why this has happened. Indian foods are super flavorful, full of nutritious value, and delicious. Various medicinal herbs and spices like turmeric, cardamom, cloves, mint, etc., are used to prepare Indian food. Indian cuisine is one of the most diverse cuisines in the world thanks to the many religions, traditions, and ethnicities that coexist in India.


Each race and religion bring their own unique dishes to Indian cuisine making it more interesting and scrumptious.

Must try Indian dishes

If you are new to Indian cuisine or would like to try something new check out some of these very popular Indian dishes:

If you are a non-vegetarian:

  • Chicken tikka: Pieces of boneless chicken marinated in special Indian spices and yogurt. It is cooked on metal skewers and on top of charcoal giving it a bit of a smoky taste. To relish a tasty Chicken tikka you can head to The Coriander Leaf and enjoy a beautiful lunch or dinner.
  • Chicken Biryani: A mixture of tasty fried rice with luscious chicken pieces prepared with assorted Indian spices.
  • Rogan Josh: Pieces of mutton cooked to perfection in a thick curry consisting of assorted Indian spices along with dried Kashmiri chilies. 

If you are a vegetarian:

  • Chole Bhature: Chole (made of chickpeas) and Bhature (made of Flour) are a perfect combination and taste absolutely divine. It is a very famous dish in North India and a favorite street food.
  • Palak Paneer and Butter Paneer: Cubes of paneer popped in a thick gravy made of either palak or butter mixed with Indian spices. Need I say more?
  • Dal Makhni: Dal Makhni literally means buttery dal. Dal is made up of split pulses, urad dal, butter, and cream. Tastes best when paired with Jeera rice. 

If you are vegan:

There are certain Indian dishes that are vegan too! Some of the lentil dishes in India like dal for idli/dosa (made with fermented urad dal and rice batter) are in fact vegan. Some more vegan dishes are:

  • Hara Bhara kebab: Made with sweet potatoes and a mix of herbs and other veggies like spinach. It can be either pan-fried, air fried, or baked. Bonus, the calories are very less too! It will be an Indian Snack healthy recipe. 
  • Tofu tikka masala: This wonderful Indian Snack healthy recipe tastes just like paneer tikka masala (marinated pieces of paneer in yogurt and aromatic spices, cooked on metal skewers on top of charcoal)  but vegan. 
  • Palak tofu: The most famous Indian Snack healthy recipe is prepared with palak puree, Indian spices, and tofu. Tastes just like palak paneer and is high in nutritional value.


The schedule of every individual is different due to a lot of reasons. Different waking up times, different waking hours, different lifestyles, and different sleeping times are the main reasons for varying schedules. Our body is like a machine. It needs to be well-oiled and taken care of so that it functions at its best. For this one needs to lead a healthy lifestyle and have a suitable schedule. Our body picks up habits be it good or bad. So we need to set time aside for inculcating good habits like getting up at the same time every day, eating at the same time, and sleeping at the same time.

Doing this has a scientific reason behind it. When you wake up at the same time every day your body fortifies the circadian rhythm. This helps the body perform more smoothly and helps the system stay strong and active. If you sleep at the same time then melatonin which is a sleep hormone starts releasing in your body prior to sleeping which gives you a sleepy feeling and helps you get better sleep. Similarly, for effective digestion of food, it is important to eat at the right times. Nowadays, there are newer ways of eating right like intermittent fasting.

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting’s main focus is only regarding when you eat. Although the usual diets tell you what you should eat and what you shouldn’t eat. But according to intermittent fasting, the time of eating matters the most. So, in intermittent fasting, there is an eating window and a fasting window. You eat in the eating window and fast in the fasting window. Everyone has their own way of intermittent fasting but basically, you choose a time frame for eating and a time frame for fasting. 

The popular method for intermittent fasting is the 5:2 method where you eat for 5 days and then restrict your calories to under 600 for two days. People have mixed opinions on intermittent fasting. There are some side effects to following this so make sure to consult a doctor before taking following any such eating methods

Eating schedule

For most people, intermittent fasting is not feasible especially if they suffer from any bodily ailment. For those people, there are other alternative eating patterns. There are basic rules that one needs to follow in order to have a healthier eating schedule.

The first step to this is drinking water as soon as you get up. Don’t drink coffee or tea as soon as you wake up as it can cause hydrochloric acid to be released into your body. The best time to eat breakfast is within one hour of waking up. If you wake up at 8 then have your breakfast before 9. This way there is a proper distance between your breakfast and lunch.

An ideal time between meals is around 4-5 hours. So, if you are to wake up at 8 the ideal time to eat lunch is between 12 to 1.  But if you eat lunch at 12 or 1 then it is a long stretch till dinner. The best time to eat dinner will be at 6.  But for some people, it is too early for dinner. In this case, we have mid meals or snacks. Snacks are absolutely delicious plus they are quick and easy to make. These snacks can also be consumed if you feel hungry before lunchtime or just crave something delicious.

And of course, when talking about snacks you have to mention India because of its wide range of mouth-watering snacks. From pani puri to pav bhaji, here are 5 delicious Indian snacks one must try.

Top 5 Indian Snacks

Indian Snacks and Their Recipes

Pani Puri 

Let’s start with one of the best Indian snacks: Pani Puri also known as Golgappa and Puchka( depending on the region). Remember the movie Queen? If you haven’t watched it yet you should. It’s a great film. In one scene of this movie the main character, Rani, puts up a stall for pani puri. At first, everyone finds it super spicy and don’t try it further. But after a few minutes when the burn finally settles down and the taste explodes in their mouth, they find it super tasty and come back for a second round. Eventually, her stall is the most successful and she manages to earn a lot of money.

To make pani puri we need 2 different types of chutney(sauce), aloo(potato)/ ragda(boiled) and puri. For making puri we need one cup of semolina or rava, two tablespoons of all-purpose flour, and salt. Knead this mixture with water till you get a soft dough and leave it to rest for about 20 minutes. Make very small circular balls and flatten them using a roller.

Then fry it in oil till it poofs up. Now, for chutneys, we need to make Khatta meetha (Sweet and Sour) chutney and teekha pani (Spicy water). We need one cup of tamarind extract and three tablespoons of jaggery to make the Khatta meetha chutney. To make the chutney tastier you can add chaat masala, chili powder, cumin, asafoetida, salt, and cold water (three cups). For Theeka pani, blend coriander, a little bit of ginger, a little bit of salt, and around two pieces of chilies. Now, take the puri, add aloo and the chutney according to your taste and top it off with some boondi and enjoy!



According to a food delivery app in India, Samosa is the most frequently ordered Indian snack and a favorite of all Indians. People find it interesting to pair this Indian snack with tea. However, samosa did not originate in India which is heartbreaking. The research found that the original name of samosa was actually Sambosa by an Iranian historian named Abolfazl Beyhaqi in his work Tarikh-e-Beyhaghi. Each region in India has its own special way of making samosa. Like in Gujarat you can find tiny samosas with french beans and sweet beans as their filling or in Hyderabad samosa is called lukhmi, has a thicker crust, and is filled with minced meat. But the most popular way to prepare samosas is the Punjabi way using aloo as a recipe.

For this, you need to boil aloo(potato). Note: don’t let the potatoes turn mushy, they should just be fully cooked. Crumble the potatoes and then set them aside. Let’s prepare the dough now. In a bowl add two cups of flour, salt, and ajwain and about four tablespoons of oil or ghee. Knead them together by adding water till you get a soft dough.

Now, we continue preparing the filling. First, take a pan, turn the heat on and add oil. Then add cumin seeds, minced ginger, and chopped chilies (2) and saute them for about a minute. To this mixture, add (⅓ ) red chili powder and garam masala, half a teaspoon of salt, cumin powder, and chaat masala. Sautee this and add peas. Lastly, add the potatoes and saute them till they mix well with the spices. After the dough has rested for about 30 mins, divide it into five parts. Roll one part in a circular shape, cut it in half, add the potato filling and fold it in a triangle. Deep fry this and your tasty samosa is ready!


Vada Pav

An absolute delight for a street food lover, Vada pav is the best Indian snack. It is famous, especially in Maharashtra to which vada pav is native. It is even called Mumbai’s burger as it is essentially a potato patty between a bun sliced in half but with a much more flavorful personality. The recipe is also relatively simpler than the ones mentioned above.

For the preparation of vada pav, start with boiling the potatoes. After boiling, peel the outer layer and mash it in a bowl. Blend ginger, garlic, and 3-4 chilies. Add this to the bowl along with turmeric and salt and mix it together. In another bowl, add besan(chickpea flour), turmeric, salt, and water. Stir till you get a free-flowing mixture. Make small circular balls of the aloo mixture we prepared and dip them in this mixture. Deep fry till cooked. Put this in between pav ( bread/bun) , add mint chutney to the pav and relish this tasty snack.



Poha is the best Indian snack. Typically people used to pair this Indian snack with tea. It is also a common breakfast choice among Indians. Poha is flattened rice which is parboiled. Hence, there is no need to cook it for more than a few minutes and also be consumed without cooking. Poha is prepared by mixing flattened rice with assorted spices, onions, and optional: potatoes and nuts. It is a light and popular Indian snack and one plate of poha is only 180 calories. Pauwa, chira and siwa are names of Poha in different regions of India.

To prepare Poha, take oil in a pan and add cumin seeds, mustard seeds,,chillies and curry leaves. Saute it for one minute. Then add chopped onions, turmeric, salt  and saute it for five minutes. Then it’s optional but adding potatoes really does amplify the taste of the poha. So, if you choose to add chopped potatoes, add a little water too and let it cook with the lid on. Till the potatoes cook, wash the flattened rice. After 5-10 minutes add the flattened rice and mix it well. Cook for another five minutes and your delicious Poha is ready.



This snack item does not even need an introduction. Everyone at least once in their lifetime must have eaten a sandwich. There are more than 30 types of sandwiches in the world. Everyone has their own special sandwich recipe which might be a little weird at times like adding uncooked noodles to make the sandwich crunchy, or dipping the entire sandwich in ranch but to them it surely is the best sandwich. There are multiple kinds of breads available in the market today along with multiple kinds of cheese. Sandwich is by far the popular Indian snack to put together in minutes with little to no cooking involved. The most popular sandwich of all time is cheese sandwich. Simple to make and tastes divine.

Let’s start by taking two slices of bread of your choice. Coat one side of both the breads with generous amounts of butter. Then put lots of mozzarella cheese on one slice of the bread. At this point you can eat any one or all of these: chillies, piri piri, chaat masala, cucumber or tomato. Assemble your sandwich and toast it on the pan with a little butter and done!

The Corriander Leaf

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