Top 5 staple food of north India you should try

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  • Introduction
  • Staple Foods In India
  • Geographical  Aspects Of Indian Cuisine
  • Religious Aspects Of Indian Cuisine
  • North Indian Cuisine
  • Food Of North India
  • What is Staple Food Of North India?
  • Famous North Indian Food
  • Top 5 Staple Food Of North India You Must Try
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India has a vast, vibrant and mouth watering cuisine which surely seems to be its eternal wealth. Here the food seems to be everlasting and has a startling aesthetic.

From home cooked food to a five star restaurant’s food, every bite of the food has a distinguished and endearing taste and is welcomed with open hearts.

Indian cuisine, being one of top 10 most popular cuisines in the world, claims fame because of its sensational, mouth burning spices and complex flavor pairings.

One can easily observe that an average Indian dish has at least six species which do not have an overlapping taste. Hence, every dish results in being unique and captivating.

It is not just spicy dishes that make Indian cuisine so alluring, the sweet dishes of India also hold a very remarkable position.

Staple Foods In India

As a result of these lesser overlapping tastes and hundreds of different spices, one might come to wonder “What are staple foods in India?” 

Meat and dairy products do not come in this category, despite being the most consumed products in India.

Rice, wheat, millets, vegetables, fruits and pulses are the constituents of staple diet of India.

Geographical Aspects Of Indian Cuisine

India is a vast country with many different religions and varied climate conditions all through the subcontinent. East, west, north and south are the four zones of India. 

Every part of the country experiences different climatic conditions which apparently results in different living conditions of the residents. Hence resulting in varied cuisines.

Rice, fishes, coconut and vegetables seem to be in abundance in the east and west coastal region of India. However the north mostly consumes wheat, rice, corn, pulses, maize, mustard oil and dairy products.

The people consuming meat and meat products are comparatively lesser in east and west compared to the other parts of the subcontinent.

Religious Aspects Of Indian Cuisine

Indian cuisine gives a clear and perfect insight into the cultural and religious aspect of the country. Exploring the country’s culture through its food is a well established topic.

Muslims in India consume beef, meat and poultry but keep pork or shellfish at arm’s length. While Christians eat all types of meat and poultry, Parsis are more inclined towards poultry and lamb than any other meat. Hindus avoid pork and beef due to their religious beliefs. Jains prohibit consumption of any type of meat and poultry product.

North Indian Cuisine

This cuisine is a small yet very crucial and remarkable part of the Indian cuisine comprising different cuisines from northern parts of India such as Bihar,Jammu and Kashmir, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Delhi,Punjab and Uttar Pradesh.

Famous North Indian food has many restaurants around the world in its awe.

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Food Of North India

Food of North India is the best you can find to devour yourself into.

Famous North Indian food is accompanied by high utilization of dairy products, spices and vegetables. These spices are generally strong in nature which gives the meal an everlasting aroma and varied colors. 

Spices like saffron, cinnamon, nuts and dry fruits are an integral part as a large part of famous North Indian food is influenced by Mughlai cuisine.

Goat, lamb or chicken are added to the gravy with the spices and dairy products such as milk cottage cheese which results in a delicacy known as curry.

However, pork and beef are avoided due to the religious beliefs and sentiments of Indian residents (mainly Hindus) related to the animals.

Curries are eaten with an Indian brand of flatbread known as Chapatis of Rotis.

They are round shaped bread made from mixing different kinds of flour with water then cooked on Chulha ( traditional name for a stove). Indian breads can be of different dough types such as millets, wheat, maize and the mixture of two or more.

The sabzi ( hindi name for curry) and roti (indian bread) together make a wholesome and heavenly nourishment. 

They are often accompanied by different beverages which may be sweet, salty or sour. However the most popular among them is Chhach (salty yogurt) or lassi(sweet yogurt). Sometimes, plain yogurt accompanies the meal.

What is Staple Food Of North India?

Although rice is a staple food in India, Indian bread is much preferred food of North India. Hence, wheat is the staple food of North India.

Lentils, beans and meat also come in the category of  staple food of North India.

Curries are best known to go with Indian bread, thus rendering rice to be of lesser consumption. You are aware of “ what is the staple food of North India?” Let’s move on to the next.

Famous North Indian Food

Even though every part of Indian cuisine is special and perplexing, food of North India has a very mesmerizing impact on one’s soul. It consists of a rich mixture of ingredients which has the whole world in awe. The complex spices and unique flavors make it hard for one to resist the temptation and the fragrance of the meal. 

Some of the most famous food of North India  are Chole bhatoore, Nihari Gosht, Rogan Josh, Samosa, Dal Baati, Malai keer, Pav bhaji, Butter chicken, Rajasthani Laal maas, Dahi bhalla, Bhindi ka salan, Sindhi Biryani, and many more.

India is quite popular for its sweet dishes such as Ras malai, gulab jamun, jalebi, gajar halwa, badam kheer, barfi and many more delicacies.

Top 5 Staple Food Of North India You Must Try

Staple Food Of North India


Samosa chaat is an absolute lips smacking Indian snack which is available in every corner of the country. It is available anywhere whether it be a small street side shop or a luxurious five star restaurant.

This delicacy consists of a deep fried patty stuffed with a blend of boiled potatoes, spices and peas. khatti (hindi meaning for sour) and meethi( hindi meaning for sweet) chutney are also served on the side.

Khatti chutney consists of coriander with a bunch of spices like salt, red chili,and amchoor ( mango powder).

Whereas, meethi chutney is a blend of tamarind, sugar and resins.

Boiled chickpeas are poured over the samosa following the chutneys and yogurt.

Coriander leaves, mint leaves and radish help in the garnishing of the meal.

Coriander Leaf, an Indian family dining  with exquisite ambience and food, provides this delicacy with the best quality and quantity one can hope for.



Gosht meaning lamb, is used to make a rich Indian delicacy called Gosht seekh Kebab. This dish gives you a burst of tasty, juicy flavors in your mouth which are just apt for making your day a lot better and brighter.

We start the procedure by washing and mincing the lamb followed by chopping different vegetables like onions, green chillies and Coriander leaves. A bunch of spices like red chili, salt, garam masala, cumin powder, ginger garlic paste add flavors to the lamb. Then after mixing all the ingredients, kebabs are made which are later put onto the skewers for cooking.

Gosht seekh kebab made at Corriander Leaf,an Indian dining restaurant, is an amazing dish with well balanced  flavors. Its exotic flavors and fresh lamb make you fall in love with the dish deeply and give you a heavenly feel.



Biryani is no doubt the most loved and favorite dish in India.

It is a mixed rice dish originating among the muslims of the Indian subcontinent holding a very special place in every Indian’s heart. 

It consists of rice and different kinds of spices . Biryani usually consists of meat , egg and vegetables together forming a beautiful gravy.

Nowadays, both traditional and modern methods are followed in making Biryani.

According to the traditional method, it cooks in a clay pot and is sealed with dough to help with the cooking process. The clay pot is put upon a chulha and fire is ignited. Modern techniques involve a stove and a pressure cooker or a khadai. 

Traditional method appeals to a very subtle aesthetic. Thus, restaurants till this day make it by the traditional method.

People use different mixtures of spices to make different types of biryani.

However, the additional ingredient, which is meat, chicken, mutton or egg is not essential. 

Biryani is usually made with basmati rice. Many states and cities in India have their different style in making the dish, the most popular among them is Hyderabadi Biryani.

You can never be bored by the perfect blend of spices and rice placed in the pot with utmost gratitude.

Corriander Leaf, an Indian dining restaurant provides with various kinds of biryani such as 

Murg Biryani

Gosht Biryani

Egg Biryani 

Subji Biryani

Prawn Biryani



Naan is an Indian bread, eaten with curries. It is an oven-baked or tawa-baked flatbread famous for its texture and taste throughout the country. It is a soft, airy, puffy and crispy bread which gives you the essence of the smoky aroma due to the tandoor.  Mostly, people bake naan on a tandoor whether it be the modern one or the old fire pit one. Naan is famous in countries like Pakistan too. It is the best food of North India.

Naan is the cooked dough of refined wheat flour/white flour and water.

It is generally oval in shape. Its cooking in tandoor gives it a crispy texture from outside. However it is really soft and smooth from the inside. There are various types of naan which might make one dilly-dally among the choices.

Corriander Leaf, an Indian dining restaurant  has a varied range of naan like garlic naan, butter naan, mutton keema naan, tandoori naan, chili naan and many more. Desi ghee is adorn by the naan which makes it super creamy and soft.



Paneer Tikka Masala is just not a dish, rather it is an emotion for Indians.

Irrespective of the religious or geographical factors of the country related to the cuisines, this dish is loved and cherished by all equally and whole-heartedly.

This delicacy is prepared with grilled paneer (Indian cottage cheese) which is added to a spicy creamy gravy called tikka masala. The paneer is first marinated, followed by the grilling.

The traditional way to make this dish is by using a tandoor. However, due to the lack of traditional tandoor, Restaurants and dhabas use modern equipment for the preparation of the dish.

The tandoor grants this dish a smokey flavor and a strong aroma

The gravy infuses milk, cream and cashews. Then, you can add spices to the gravy making it flavorsome spicy.

Corriander Leaf, an Indian dining restaurant serves the best kind of paneer tikka masala, which makes the dish the most popular in their menu.


Indian cuisine is very complex, but with its complexity comes originality and wonderfulness. The hype of Indian cuisine in the global market is at its best peak and doesn’t seem to be ending any soon, which just seems to be the perfect reward for this ever deversing cuisine. Its alluring essence is hard to resist and heavenly to cherish.

The list of the wonderful dishes never seem to perish. However, one can truly admire it and enjoy its wonderful bliss. 

These dishes above mentioned are a must try so one can be in awe of the staggering flavors and the richness Indian cuisine has to offer.

Corriander Leaf serves authentic and awe-inspiring dishes made with top notch quality ingredients and utmost love. So for a remarkable and subtle Indian dining experience, Corriander Leaf is just the place to be. So be sure to visit us at Corriander Leaf,  Yangon Myanmar. Hence, for more food related query or information reach out to Corriander Leaf.

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