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Top five Indian dishes to try out at home

Why try Indian dishes during quarantine?

Quarantine is a tough time for all the people to spend, but we have to fight collectively to win over the COVID-19 pandemic. There are lots of skills to adorn during quarantine, and one such is cooking food. One can quickly learn to cook favourite Indian meals at their home by watching YouTube videos or finding out recipes online. Cooking food is an art which can be achieved only and only after practically applying it in the kitchen and not by just watching videos.

We selected Indian recipes today as it offers the best taste and good for health as well. One must have to learn cooking as it is an essential skill to survive in tough times. Restaurants are still available but ordering online is a risky decision which can affect the family. People who are getting bored by strict quarantine can try out some classic Indian dishes which can be a great way of spending quality time with family and enjoying world-class Indian dishes at home.


The dish sounds a bit awkward but lets us break into some understandable meaning. In the native language of Punjab, MAKKI KI ROTI is bread made with corn and served with SARSON KA SAAG or mustard-leaf curry. The combination looks deadly and is one of the best dishes which can also contribute to the health and taste of the tongue. MAKKI KI ROTI and SARSON ka SAAG is also a staple food regularly enjoyed in all the homes of Punjab.

Healthwise Makki or corn has many health benefits. It is filled with fibers, minerals, and vitamins and sarso. Mustard leaf is a great abundance during winters or spring and is very rich in fiber, zinc, iron, and proteins that one should include in their diet. MAKKI KI ROTI and SARSON KA SAAG would be a deadly combination with some sweet creamy lassi to finish the delicious meal. 

2. Vadapav

It is impossible to find a street in Maharashtra where one cannot have a vada pav. Vada Pav is one of the famous Indian dishes which is enjoyed throughout the country but widely preferred in Maharashtra. The Vada consists of a potato grill along with spices, garlic, and onion. It is served between a roll of bread also known as pav along with 2 or 3 types of chutneys and some spicy fried green chilies. The sweet chutney is made of tamarind and jaggery. Whereas the spicy one is made of green chilies, coriander, and a few spices. The dish was invented to provide a cost-effective snack to all the workers. But it soon became a trending dish throughout the country. It is the most popular in Mumbai. Also tourists from various countries come here to try the special Mumbai ka vada pav at least once.

3. Dhokla

People who want to cook a vegetarian snack item. This weekend can go with dhokla made from chickpea flour and rice. The fermentation batter containing chickpea and rice composes mustard-seeds, and coriander leaves finishing. Dhoklas are supposed to be soft and spongy, so a pinch of baking soda will do wonders while preparing the batter. One can enjoy the famous Indian dish with tamarind chutney, green chili chutney, or tomato sauce.

There are 20 different types of dhokla like Khatta dhokla, Rasia dhokla, Moong dal dhokla, Khandvi dhokla, cheese dhokla and so many more. This Gujarati snack is one of the best Indian dishes. It is easy to prepare and is flavorful and divine at the same time.

4. Dal Roti

People who want to eat a simple dish that contains a lot of nutritious value can make a slice of simple bread and lentils. It is a staple diet in Indian households. One can use lentils, green gram peas, or pigeon peas to prepare dal. The bread can also be prepared using wheat, bajra, or jowar. Someone who is diet conscious and is tired of eating salads and juices can enjoy this simple recipe. Not just common people, but even celebrities like to add this in their meal. Dal roti are also effortless in terms of preparation and do not require any expertise in the field of cooking. It can be enjoyed with different kinds of side dishes like pickle, papad, curd, and onions. It is also a great option when someone falls sick and has to avoid all the junk and spicy food.

5. Kesar peda

How can we even forget an Indian sweet that is healthy and delicious at the same time. Indian dishes list would be incomplete without an Indian dessert. One such sweet recipe is Kesar peda. It takes less than 30 minutes to prepare and is very delicious at the same time. It is prepared during special occasions or festivals but one can prepare it whenever they are craving for something sweet. Kesar, also known as saffron, is a great and powerful antioxidant, so having a few extra pedas won’t harm anyone. 

The main ingredients required for making the dish are condensed milk, saffron induced in milk, clarified butter or ghee, and dry fruits. These are easily available in the market or on any online shopping app. For diabetics, sugar can be substituted with any sweetener like honey, jaggery, or stevia. It can be prepared in a much healthier version. Kesar peda is a famous sweet worldwide and the most preferred sweet out of all the various types of pedas available. 

The list of popular Indian dishes is never-ending but make sure to try all the dishes mentioned above. The dishes can prove to be a mood booster and can brighten a dull or sad day. The dishes are also pretty simple with uncomplicated ingredients that are easily available in the local markets. Considering today’s situation, one has to increase the intake of these Indian dishes to stay immune and fit. Most importantly stay happy with a satisfied tummy. Corrainder Leaf is here to provide you more information about Indian food.           

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