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Top 5 Most Popular North Indian Dishes

Table of content:

1) Introduction

2) North Indian Cuisine

3)The Most Popular North Indian dishes

  • Dal Makhni
  • Rogan Gosh
  • Chole Bhature
  • Butter Chicken
  • Aloo Paratha


5)About The Corriander Leaf


Indian food is one of the most flavourful and nutrient-dense foods. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, from Deep fried samosas to crispy dosas India definitely takes the cake for having a very diverse cuisine albeit a very delectable one at the same.

India has a lot to offer in terms of cuisines and has quite an extensive history to go with it. The staple food of Indians includes potatoes, tomatoes, peanuts, and chilies. This is a result of the Columbian Discovery of the New World. The spice trade between India and Europe international trade routes were established because of the spice trade which truly helped shape the structure of the world economy so significantly that one can still feel it today. Out of all the cuisines available in India, today we will talk about one of the most scrumptious and popular Indian dishes which hail from North Indian Cuisine.

North Indian Cuisine

India’s capital New Delhi, Jammu- Kashmir, Uttarakhand, Shimla, Punjab, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, and many more states make up North India. These states are not only very scenic and beautiful but also have India’s top tourist destinations. Along with this, these states have their own special and traditional foods which together make up the very tasty and famous north Indian cuisine.  Like Rajasthan’s famous food Dal bati churma and Kashmir’s Rojan Josh for which tourists come from all over the world to India just to taste it.

The staple diet of North India

The staple diet of North India consists of foods that have a thick gravy and are moderately spicy but very creamy. The usage of dairy products like cottage cheese (paneer), butter, and ghee is key in preparing both the savory foodstuffs and the sweet ones. North Indian cooking styles include deep frying the snacks like Samosas and Kebabs, slowly roasting and simmering the meat dishes, and grilling.

The oil mostly used in these states are sunflower and canola oil. In some states, the most used oil is mustard. North India is very famous for foodstuffs made from maida(all-purpose flour and atta(wheat). Popular examples of foodstuffs made from flour include samosas, different kinds of Parathas like Aloo Paratha, Jeera Paratha, Bhatures, different types of Naans like garlic naan or butter naan, Phulka’s, different types of rotis like tandoor roti or butter roti. Consumed as a snack or as a main course these dishes are very versatile.

The top 5 most popular North Indian Dishes:

North Indian Dishes

1}Dal Makhani

One of the most loved dishes by both the veg and the non-veg lovers is Dal Makhani. Its origins are in Delhi. Dal Makhani is a modern variation of the lentil dishes. Soaked Urad dal or Kaali dal, cream, butter and with fragrant and aromatic spices like turmeric, cloves, cumin seeds, and cinnamon is one of the popular recipes of making Dal Makhani. It is one of the most delicious North Indian foods. In the Indian language, Dal means lentil and Makhni means butter. So it literally means Buttery Dal. 

Slow cooking it in a clay pot or handi is the original recipe for Dal makhani. Tandoor roti or Butter naan goes best with Dal makhani. There are various recipes available on the net. Tips to make your Dal Makhani taste better? The butter and cream do make a difference. Adding them imparts a rich flavor to your gravy and makes your Dal Makhani taste just like the one at your favorite restaurant. However, for an authentic taste and experience, you can visit The Coriander Leaf. There you can enjoy a scrumptious Dal Makhani and make sure to pair it with an equally scrumptious Butter naan. You will be set to have an amazing lunch/dinner surrounded by a beautiful ambiance.

2} Rogan Josh

Rogan Josh is an authentic Kashmiri cuisine very well enjoyed and loved by non-veg lovers. “Wazwan” is the Kashmiri word for Kashmiri food. Wazwan consists of 36 dishes, one of which is Rogan Josh. Wazas who are Kashmiri cooks and professionally pursue this art of cooking prepare the food and have a very significant history dating back to the time of Tamerlane. . Rogan Josh is considered to be one of the top seven permanent recipes out of the 36 available recipes by the Kashmiri Wazwan. It is typically served on special occasions.

Rogan Josh is prepared using meat preferably goat meat (mutton), copious amounts of red dried Kashmiri chilies also known as Lal Mirch along with roots of Alkanna Tinctoria (ratan jot). This gives the gravy a deep red color making it look very appetizing to the eye. Adding lots of aromatic spices like saffron soaked in milk, cloves, and cardamom gives it its signature taste. It is mildly spicy and gives off a very flavorful aroma and taste. Typically eaten along with rice or naan it is a must-try dish for everyone.

3}Chole Bhature

Without adding Chole Bhature to this list, the list would be incomplete. It is one of the famous and most tempting Punjabi dishes. However, its origins lie in New Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. If you are holding yourself back due to the calorie count then don’t! Because this is one such dish that will make it worth the calories.

The best accompaniment for Chole is Bhature. It is also a part of very famous street food items. The recipe of Chole is first cooking chickpeas, adding spices like cumin, turmeric seeds, onion, garlic, and chili powder. Made of Maida (all-purpose flour/ refined flour), and salt is Bhature. By kneading them together by adding water and a bit of oil the dough is ready. Then rolled out in circular shapes deep fried till the Bhature does puff up giving it that crispy delectable taste.

4}Butter Chicken 

One of the tastiest dishes of chicken, Butter chicken or traditionally known as Murgh Makhani originated in New Delhi sometime during the 1950s. Kundan Lal Jaggi and Kundral Lal Gujarat were the ones who made butter chicken. The story behind discovering this masterpiece of a dish is quite funny. One day Kundan Lal Jaggi and Kundral Lal Gujarat had leftover tandoori chicken. So they mixed it in some tomato gravy and butter and Boom! They accidentally created one of the most popular dishes not only in North India but all over the world.

So, the recipe to make Butter chicken or Murgh Makhani is quite time-consuming but the result is definitely worth it. So first, you start with the marination of the chicken pieces. In a mixture of lemon juice, yogurt, salt, Garam masala, chili powder preferably Kashmiri Lal Mirch, garlic, and ginger paste. Then add chicken. The chicken has to marinate for several hours. To cook the marinated chicken one can cook it in a traditional clay pot oven, grill the chicken, slowly roast it , or pan-fry it. After cooking the chicken it is added to a curry which is made of butter, spices like cloves, cardamom, cumin, etc, and has a tomato, garlic, and ginger-based gravy. It is typically eaten with butter or garlic naan (flat bread) or with basmati/ jeera rice.

5)Aloo Paratha

How can we forget our beloved Aloo paratha? Aloo ka Paratha which would translate to a “Flatbread with potato filling” is a popular breakfast choice amidst the foods of North India. It is just as delicious as it sounds. Aloo Paratha originates from Punjab and is one of the foodstuffs that comes under the staple food of a North Indian. In India, there are 22 types of Parathas like Cauliflower paratha, Methi paratha, Peas paratha, Ajwain paratha, Jeera paratha etc.

There are many recipes to make aloo ka paratha but all of them are simple and easy to follow. The basic method is to make Atta (combine Wheat flour or all-purpose flour, water, salt a little oil and knead them together till you get a soft dough). Then boil the potatoes and peel the outer layer of the potatoes. Mash the potatoes and mix the mashed potatoes with spices like cumin, chili powder, salt, onions, and garlic powder. Then make small balls of the potato mixture and add it to the Atta (also made balls of) right in the middle. Roll it in a circular shape and cook it on a pan. Cook till it gets a nice golden brown color and a slightly crispy texture. Adding ghee or oil would help enhance the taste and make it crispier.


There are many more North Indian dishes that do deserve your attention and are delicious. So, as a bonus, we will mention a few of them.


  •  Chicken Biryani: Cooked in Indian spices with mixed rice also includes eggs and potatoes. Usually served hot with raita (curd mixed with salt and cucumber). It is a favorite dish of many people. 
  • Palak paneer and paneer butter masala: Paneer is very versatile and can be used in different ways while cooking food. Both Palak paneer and paneer butter masala are one of such concoctions that just taste amazing. Mixing paneer with palak gravy which is made by cooking spinach, onions, spices, and herbs is a way of making palak paneer. Butter paneer masala is also known as butter paneer. Made by adding spices, onions, tomatoes, cashews, and of course butter, it is a tasty delight.
  • Dum Aloo: Dum Aloo is a Kashmiri dish that is prepared by boiling baby potatoes and peeling the outer layer. Adding these potatoes in a gravy seal the container. By trapping the steam by sealing the container is the traditional way of cooking. Slow cooking the dum aloo gives it that flavorful delicious taste. There are many ways of making Dum aloo like the Kashmiri way of cooking it with yogurt and spices or using only spices.


There are also many special beverages in North India which is a must-try for all like:

  • Lassi: Yogurt. Lassi is a traditional drink. Made by blending yogurt, spices, and sometimes fruits like mango together. Typically drunk during or after lunch or dinner, it is very refreshing.
  • Kangra Tea: Kangra Tea is from Himachal Pradesh, specifically from the Kangra district. There is a distinct flavor and color to this tea. There are both kinds of tea is green and black available. The tea is a little milder than the Darjeeling tea in terms of taste. The black tea leaves a sweet taste while the green tea contains a very delicate woody aroma.
  • Thandai: Thandai is a cold drink that originated in Rajasthan It has watermelon kernels, almonds, fennel, pepper, poppy seeds, cardamom, saffron, and rose petals. Because of the various ingredients in thandai, it makes it a very refreshing drink.
  • Kahwa: Kahwa is a Kashmiri traditional tea. Made by infusing various spices, Kahwa is a type of green tea. Cardamom, and cinnamon, and topping it off with saffron and chopped almonds is one way of making Kahwa. It imparts a warm feeling along with an amazing aroma which makes it a perfect drink for winters.


And when talking about North Indian dishes we cannot ignore the absolutely mind-blowing range of desserts that North India has.  Some of the tastiest and most popular desserts of North India include:

Jalebi (best paired with fafda), Gulab Jamun, Gajar ka Halwa, Shahi Tukra, Besan ka ladoo, and Kheer. Made with milk, have copious amounts of ghee, all of these desserts absolutely melt in your mouth. Pair these desserts with the North Indian dishes and you will experience a truly spectacular lunch.

The Corriander leaf

Established in Yangon Myanmar in 2011, The Coriander Leaf is a popular restaurant that brings to you not only the tastiest dishes but also a wide range of customer service. We have an entire chain of restaurants that have customized catering services as per the requirements of the customers. From dining in to Event planning to catering we have got it all. We truly believe that the way to a customer’s heart is not only through the stomach but also through the soul. Good food does start with the finest ingredients and we make sure to use only the best. We extend our invitation to you to become a part of our family. So, for a magical experience, do come and dine with us.

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