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Types of Banquet Services

Table of content

  1. Buffet
  2. Reception
  3. Pre-plated Service
  4. Cafeteria-Style
  5. Family-Style Dining

The joy and celebration of life are key elements. Particularly in light of the current challenges brought on by the pandemic, they make life enjoyable and valuable. The pandemic taught us to never miss an opportunity to get together and rejoice. Weddings are without a doubt occasions where people get together to make each moment unique and enjoyable.

However exquisite banquet services are required if one wants to organize an elaborate and noteworthy wedding. They are a fundamental requirement for organizing a fun event. They might be as diverse as the occasion you’re going to. The term “banquet” refers to a lavish feast that is planned to serve a big crowd of people. Nowadays, a banquet service includes more amenities, activities, and hospitality than a typical family dinner because of the scale of the event or the number of people attending. However these services can be as diverse as a wedding, meeting, conference, etc. their nature depends on the size of the event, the menu, and the number of attendees. Hence you can Contact Corriander Leaf for your any upcoming event’s booking.

What Is Banquet Services?

However there are numerous options for eating outside the home, including cafeterias, fast food outlets, concession stands at sporting events, and even gas station food outlets. Most likely, you’ve also attended a conference, meeting, or event—like a wedding—where guests had access to food service. These occasions are typically categorized as banquet service.

Banquet Services: Three Benefits For Your Event

It can be a really difficult chore for you to have to arrange food service for a big event. Unfortunately, it is simple to feel overburdened if you have never managed this kind of business. Fortunately, Coriander Leaf provides you with the banquet service that can successfully assist you in guaranteeing that your visitors have a pleasurable dining experience. Consider the following three advantages of partnering with a banquet supplier when selecting a food service option for your event.

Better Control Over Food Costs:

You will have complete control over the overall cost of the meal if you choose a banquet style because you will need to order it in advance. Hence contrast this with allowing customers to order off a menu, where it may be more challenging to predict and control the average food cost per guest.

A Larger Variety Of Dishes:

Your guests will be able to try a wider range of foods and cuisines if you choose to serve a banquet-style lunch, which is another advantage. This can make it perfect in circumstances where you are unclear about your guests’ cuisine choices. Hence these suppliers will mark each item with its components and any potential allergens to assist your guests make educated decisions based on their preferences and dietary requirements.

Improved Time Management For Your Event:

Unfortunately, lunch services frequently take longer than expected. This might cause serious logistical problems for your event, whether it’s because people are eating more slowly than usual or because the kitchen is taking longer than intended to produce food.

Fortunately, by choosing a banquet-style supper, this issue is avoided because the food is already prepared and the guests simply need to select the dishes they desire. Therefore, compared to a full-service lunch, this kind of food service might be significantly more time-effective. Although you may have desired a full-service dining experience’s elegance, its logistical challenges may just make it unworkable for your occasion.

Types of Banquet Services

Banquet Services

Due to the magnitude of the gathering or the scope of the event, a banquet service is often just a more extravagant dinner. Logistically, banquet service makes sense because you can’t fit a conference room’s worth of people around a regular dining room table. The foundation of fantastic and amazing banquet services is made up of many hotels and resorts. However Corriander Leaf is well-known for planning events and providing people with scrumptious food and time. But first, let’s look at several kinds of banquet services, like:

1. Buffet:

This is a well-liked banquet service that is selected for occasions with a sizable attendance. The customers pass through a buffet line of food options and serve themselves. It is a practical method of selecting what a person wishes to select. 


  1. At the head of the buffet table, cutlery and crockery are stacked.
  2. Food is portioned onto customers’ plates by servers.
  3. A plate is taken by the visitor from the head of the table.
  4. He follows the aforementioned technique to serve each course.
  5. The visitor then moves on to the following dish at the buffet.


  1. In a short amount of time, many individuals can be serviced.
  2. Less service personnel are needed.
  3. Due to the lack of service skills required by service workers, labour costs are extremely low.


  1. It is impossible to regulate food portions.
  2. Congestion could result from a poorly planned buffet line.
  3. After several servings, dishes could lose their aesthetic attractiveness.

2. Reception:

It is a well-liked expression that refers to a party in which guests mill around the space while consuming food and conversing. Hence this is a unique meeting of a wide range of individuals who came together for a unique event.

All of our receptionists and concierges:

  1. Depending on your detailed instructions, provide world-class telephone answering and greeting services.
  2. Possess good manners and knowledge
  3. Possess Levels I, II, and III certifications for receptionists
  4. Access your Executive Office System profile right away.
  5. Can assist you in keeping your personal calendar up to date so that you can keep up with your hectic schedule.

Your front desk concierge is aware of the value of making a good impression. Hence your guests will be greeted and announced in your opulent reception area by the concierge. You can also get competent and timely assistance whenever you need it from your front desk concierge. A brief illustration of how we can assist you is as follows:

  1. Meeting and conference room setup according to your requirements
  2. Setting up a catering or coffee service
  3. Appointment-making and confirmation
  4. Purchasing and assembling audio-visual equipment
  5. Creating a vacation itinerary
  6. Organizing and storing mail Receiving and shipping packages
  7. Examining and making suggestions for products and services like restaurants and hotels
  8. Maintaining your own calendar can help you stay organized and on schedule with your hectic schedule. 

No request is too big or small, and special requests are always accepted. We are here to help you and even succeed.

3. Pre-plated Service:

It is referred to as a pre-plated arrangement if the food is already appearing on the table when you arrive. This primarily applies to bread, sweets, salads, and drinks. This is a type of service called Pre-Plated Service that was brought from the US. However, this type of service is used in coffee shops, which are casual dining establishments. It is the kind of table service that is used the most frequently in America. This type of service is very straightforward and casual. The term “pre-plated service” is also used. It is used in eateries and coffee shops that are crowded during lunch.


  1. The chef portions and prepares the meal in the kitchen.
  2. The waiter brings the pre-plated food into the establishment.
  3. Drinks are served from the right side, and clearance is done from that side as well.


  1. It moves quickly and easily.
  2. Less leaking occurs.
  3. lower likelihood of complaints.
  4. No need to maintain silver things.
  5. On a plate, it looks great.
  6. powerful portion control system.
  7. A standard can be established and upheld.


  1. Foodservice turns into a lifeless activity.
  2. It is unable to generate substantial returns and wide margins.
  3. Food quickly cools and frequently requires reheating.
  4. For getting plates, more back-and-forth trips are necessary.
  5. Garnish that lacks interest or is pointless may irritate the guest.
  6. There is too much plate waste that guests are unable to assess.
  7. Big eaters don’t share smaller eaters’ portions, so they continue to be hungry.

4. Cafeteria-Style:

With the exception of the fact that the food is served by the servers, this is quite similar to the buffet-style banquet service. The method is helpful in regulating portion sizes. Usually, places like colleges, hospitals, industrial canteens, and hotel staff cafeterias offer this service. However, the menu is visible on substantial menu boards, with each item having a separate price to assist speedy service. The food is aesthetically present on the counter in the right order. Starting at one end of the counter, the guests enter while holding plates in their hands. They select their preferred dishes as they travel around the counter. For the products that the guests have collected, the cashier generates a bill.


  1. There is a line of guests.
  2. They take hold of the tray.
  3. They select their preferred dishes as they travel around the counter.
  4. Guests pay the bill.


  1. Need staff with fewer skills.
  2. Labour is inexpensive.
  3. There is a lot of seat switching.


  1. Congestion may result from improperly grouped counters.
  2. After several servings, meals could lose their aesthetic attractiveness.
  3. Food could go cold after a while.

5. Family-Style Dining:

In “family-style” dining, all of the meal’s components are available on the table and everyone is free to help themselves. Large serving dishes are in the centre of the table. Everyone can access the offerings and select what they desire in this way. In a restaurant atmosphere, families and other groups may afford a moderately priced dinner. There are no worries about clothing rules or overspending when they eat together.

A Growing Trend for Special Events

However the popularity of this dining arrangement, commonly referred to as “big format dining,” has grown recently. It’s less expensive than fine dining yet more formal than a buffet or fast food restaurant.

Many families have recently celebrated weddings in this way. It gives people more opportunities to mingle and take part in the reception’s activities. Because it enables more options for networking and team-building activities, several businesses prefer to host events in this format.

Elements of Family-Style Dining

Servers carry meals to the table in enormous serving dishes in a family-style restaurant. As the dish reaches around, diners select the servings they want to consume.

When the serving plates are empty, the restaurant server refills them if they’d want more food, frequently at an additional cost. Hence visitors can sample different delicacies without spending money on expensive excessive amounts.

Reduced Staff:

Family-style service makes use of fewer waiters and waitresses than other types of service. Typically, everything from the appetizer to the main course and dessert is delivered more quickly as a result.

Lower Expenses:

The eating party’s bill will frequently be lower due to the decreased restaurant costs. When a company event is announced that would result in savings to their budgets, the financial teams are excited.

A Friendly and Relaxed Atmosphere:

Family-style dining promotes social interaction over a meal. The dining area typically has a less congested, convivial environment. Usually, the staff merely comes over to the tables to deliver the platters or dishes and replenish them. This setting is ideal for fostering discourse. However, it’s perfect for family reunions for catch-up time or business events for networking with other professionals.

Benefits for Children:

Children also get a lot of important advantages from it, such as the chance to choose their food on their own. Younger children can exercise their motor skills and develop their communication. Hence it teaches older kids to use appropriate table manners and take pleasure in having dinnertime conversations with adults. However many parents offer family-style meals at home to give kids a relaxed setting for experimenting with new foods. This gives them more self-assurance when dining out.


  • Provides customers with food and drinks in a cheerful and welcoming manner.
  • Information that can be useful in making better food and beverage decisions.
  • Offers alternatives in an organized manner quickly and effectively.
  • Upholds the atmosphere of the restaurant with a positive attitude.
  • Dress tables and set out decorations, condiments, candles, napkins, serving plates, and utensils to have the dining area ready.
  • Adheres to sanitation, safety, and alcohol beverage control policies to protect the business and its customers.
  • By recommending courses, outlining the chef’s specialities, pointing out acceptable beverage pairings, and responding to inquiries about food preparation, servers assist customers in choosing food and drinks.
  • By writing down the selections made by customers and noting any dietary restrictions or special requests, the server transmits orders to the bar and kitchen.
  • Informs the kitchen workers by recording the timing of the progression of the food.
  • Delivers accompaniments and condiments from service bars while picking up and delivering customers’ orders from the bar and kitchen.
  • Responds to any additional client needs by observing the dining process and asking about needs.
  • Maintains table setting by clearing courses as they are finished, replacing cutlery, refuelling water glasses, and watching out for spills or other special requirements from customers.
  • The dinner experience by thanking customers for their choice of restaurant and extending an invitation to return.

Corriander Leaf provides you with all types of banquet services in a great price range. So if you have any upcoming events or celebrations, you can contact them.

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