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Savor the Aromas: A Guide to Tandoori Delights at Coriander Leaf Ahlone

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Looking for an Indian fine dining experience that will excite your taste senses and take you to gastronomic bliss? Look no further than Coriander Leaf Ahlone, a paradise for exquisite tastes where the skill of tandoori cooking is unquestionably the main attraction.

Coriander Leaf Ahlone has established itself as one of Yangon’s top Indian restaurants. Their expertise in the tandoor, a cylindrical clay oven burned with charcoal, imparts their meals with a distinct smokey flavor and luscious texture that is just tempting.

Coriander Leaf Ahlone: A Beacon of Tandoori Expertise

But what are tandoori foods, and why should you try them as your next gastronomic adventure?

Tandoori cooking is an age-old Indian technique that uses the strong heat of the tandoor to produce tasty and delicate food.

The ingredients, normally marinated in yoghurt, spices, and herbs, are skewered or placed in clay pots and cooked in the tandoor.

This one-of-a-kind cooking process gives the meal a smoky scent and a nicely charred outside while keeping the insides pleasantly moist and flavorful.

Coriander Leaf Ahlone’s tandoori cuisine is a showcase of culinary creativity.

Dive into classic dishes like the ever-popular tandoori chicken, which has delicious meat laced with a symphony of spices.

Or, taste the melt-in-your-mouth flavours of tandoori lamb kebabs, which are seasoned to perfection and have a smokey depth.

Vegetarian alternatives abound as well, with treats such as paneer tikka masala,

which has cubes of Indian cottage cheese drenched in a creamy and savoury sauce,

and tandoori aloo, which transforms spiced potatoes with the enchantment of the tandoor.

Seafood Sensations and Beyond

For a flavor of the sea, try the fish tikka, which marinates and cooks fresh fish to exquisite perfection. Don’t miss the tandoori mushrooms, a vegetarian dish with a delicious meaty texture and smokey aroma.

Do you crave something heartier?

Look no further than seekh kebab, which is juicy minced lamb or chicken formed into kebabs and grilled in a tandoor.

Feeling a little more adventurous?

Try the chicken tikka,

a boneless chicken dish marinated in yoghurt and spices that provides a bright contrast between its charred outside and succulent inside.

The tandoori malai tikka is a must-try for people who like a little cream.

Chicken chunks are marinated in yogurt, cream, and spices to create a dish that is both rich and savory.

And for seafood aficionados,

the tandoori prawns are a delicious twist on a classic cooking technique.

The spell doesn’t end there.

Coriander Leaf Ahlone serves a great range of accompaniments to accompany their tandoori entrees.

Pair your chosen dish with creamy raita, tangy chutneys,

or fluffy naan bread, such as tandoori naan, which is infused with the smokey taste of the tandoor itself.

This symphony of textures and tastes will have you wanting more.



So, the next time you’re in Yangon and looking for a lovely Indian fine dining experience, head to Coriander Leaf Ahlone. Take a gourmet journey into the world of tandoori cooking and experience the aromatic sensations that await.

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