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Welcome to Corriander Leaf

The Corriander Leaf Group is one of the most elite chains of restaurants in Myanmar. After being established in 2011 in Yangon, Myanmar, Corriander Leaf has blossomed into an ever-expanding one-stop paradise for all your favorite delicacies and drinks. The entire chain of our restaurants have customized catering services as per the needs and feedback. An open invitation to become a part of the Corriander Leaf Family!!


Magical Atmosphere

Our serene ambience has been architectured in such a way that it helps you feel relaxed and you enjoy every bite of your food. 

Best Quality Indian Food

Best Quality Food

All our delicacies are made from fresh farm picked ingredients in order to maintain both the nutritional quality and the authentic taste of your food.

Pocket Friendly Prices

Pocket Friendly Prices

We make sure that you experience the feel and taste of it exquisitely without having to worry about emptying your pockets.

At Corriander Leaf we are committed to provide excellent service to all of our guests, no matter the occasion. Whether you are planning a large event or an intimate dinner party, our team of professionals is here to cater to your every need. Contact us now to start planning your most.

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Customizable services

We at Corriander Leaf offer a wide range of Customizable services. We believe that the way to our customer’s heart is not just through their stomach. It is through their soul. So, we make sure that our services become the soul of each and every event irrespective of how big or small they are.

Our Restaurants, Banquets and Kitchens

The Corriander Leaf Group now has 1 banquet hall, 2 Indian Family Dining Restaurants (Corriander Leaf), 1 World-Cuisine Lounge (Fire & Ice), 1 Myanmar-Indian BBQ joint (Restropub) & Indian Confectionaries (Mithaas). We have also acquired an Indian Restaurant in Phnom Penh ,Cambodia by the name of Shiva-Shakti Restaurants.

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